Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarah's House 4: Master + Boy's Bedrooms

Sarah and Tommy tackle two bedrooms this week and they may well be my favourite rooms of this season so far! Both rooms are full of personality, rich in textural interests, and very comfortable and inviting. Let's start with the Master Bedroom.

This room is all about the breathtaking view outside of the window. Sitting at the back of the house, this master bedroom faces the ravine! With nature and tree tops as inspiration, Sarah and Tommy selected a set of four vintage botanical prints and a traditional floral as their jumping off points. To be perfectly honest, I am still not 100% sold on the floral. But Sarah used the floral only in drapes and pillows, elements that can easily be changed if you get tired of in the future. Accent colors such as soft green and apricot were drawn from the vintage prints. The fabric selection for this room includes silk, wool, and printed linen for a dynamic mix of texture and patterns.

I love the headboard! The shape, the visual interest, and the unexpected strip fabric, what is not to love about this headboard? To add more layers, dimension, and architectural interest to the focal wall, Sarah installed a large scale frame with mouldings and hung shimmery, glamorous, metallic wallpaper with a fan motif. Such a clever way to draw your eyes straight to the focal point, the sumptuous bed and gorgeous bedside tables, at the back of the room. It is the perfect modern aesthetic to juxtapose against the traditional floral.

From plan:

To reality:

Speaking about furniture pieces in this room, Sarah and Tommy scored a few vintage finds at unbeatable prices. The handsome and stately desk chair, beautiful from all angles, was only $51, the desk wrapped in treated linen with brass base for $150, and a stunning vintage murano glass chandelier for $450! I so need to go shop at Sarah's favourite stores!

A couple of things to keep in mind when shopping vintage:

(1) when buying a desk chair, make sure it has great lines (love the faux bamboo legs) and a pretty back as you will likely only see the back of the chair when it's tucked under the desk.

(2) check the base of the desk and see if it passes the "shake" test. This one actually looks a little "shaky" and I'm glad that Sarah custom a walnut base for it to match with the fabulous custom bench in apricot and natural walnut at the foot of bed. Tip from Sarah: when using a rug as upholstery, make sure you pick a thin one, so the edges are crisp.  Here is the plan for furniture layout:

I love that the desk is placed in front of the million dollar view.  Who wouldn't work to work here?

All room needs a bit of history and architectural interest. If lacking both in a new build, why not bringing in vintage architectural fragments to embrace the traditional root, elevate the standard and up the elegant factor? The pair of antique columns not only added soul to the master retreat but also acted as the dividers between the sleeping zone and the lounge/work/storage zone.

My absolute favourite furniture in this luxury, glamorous, and yet comfortable and inviting master retreat is the dresser. I love the shape and fluted detail of the legs! It is made out of solid oak with dove tail construction, and it provides plenty of storage. Best of all, both the color and hardware can easily be changed for not a lot of money.  It is amazing how a coat of paint ties the dresser and the bedside tables so nicely together!  I love the fluted details on these bedside tables too.

Now for the Boy's Bedroom, Tommy's tip on decorating a room for boys is to take a more adult approach: say no to "theme" decor and go for a "feeling". In this case, the room is cool, funky, graphic, and not juvenile: perfectly suitable for the boy's room.

The jumping off point of this room is the black and white zigzag fabric from inVU Drapery. It is sharp, edgy, and energetic. For bold and big impact, this fabric is used on an upholstered headboard. Sarah and Tommy then added polished pewter nail heads as accent for a touch of elegance to this mod headboard. Knowing when to stop is also key in using impactful fabric such as the black + white zigzag. In this case, Sarah and Tommy limited its use to only the headboard and an accent band on a pair of ready-hang drapes: created interests but not getting dizzy.

image via Cherish Toronto
Of course no Sarah's room is completed without a hooray of fabrics. In this boy's room, Sarah used a collection of fabrics from IKEA in shades of grey and white to complement to zigzag fabric and reinforced the cool palette.

To warm up this grey room, Sarah picked a warm soft greyish green (Fog - SR27) for the walls and cream on the ceiling (Jetstream - SR 18).

This large size bedroom also needs desk, chair, bed, and dresser. Tommy found a vintage art decor desk with exquisite hardware in black, Sarah found a pair of Egyptian bedside tables with "mashrabiya", a.k.a. decorative details often see on the exterior of buildings, and a country pine dresser with rope columns details on the side. Now how do you put this very eclectic mix of furniture from different era and design influences all into a room? As long as they share some common elements or design details, pieces from different eras can live in harmony in a room.

In this case, the dresser and the bedside tables share the warm wood tone, and the black rim on the bedside tables echo the black on the art deco desk. To add one more comment link to these pieces, Sarah added black knobs to the dresser to complete the furniture trio.

Have you ever selected pieces of furniture, have an idea of where they were going to go, only to find out at the end they might not work as you originally thought? I certainly did with my latest living room transformation (you will read more about it soon) and so did Sarah! Here is the original layout of the room:

As it turned out, there wasn't enough room for the bed + bedside tables to sit next to the window, and due to the different design styles of the dresser and the desk, they were better off to stay as far away from each other as possible. With a bit of rearranging, Sarah and Tommy nailed the right solution and best fit layout for the room.

To achieve the same look in your home, mixing industrial elements such as desk chair, Hollywood inspired wall decor, with classical/traditional pieces like the bedside tables and dresser for an eclectic look.

Now let's head into the ensuite for the boy's room. Here is the layout of the bathroom:

So jealous of this boy I'm telling you. The vanity, the countertop, and the hardware are to die for. Yes, they are a little pricey but for a fix element, it's worth every penny. I also love the adjustable arms of these industrial sconces. They are the perfect lighting solution in the boy's bath.

But my absolutely favourite of this bathroom has got to be the tile play. With no money to spend on expensive tiles, Sarah and Tommy opted for upgrading the tile installation. Check out this tile plan:

The long subway tiles in white work so beautifully with the grey square tiles. Both basic and standard tiles. To add interest and a designer custom look, a band of watery green glass mosaics were sandwiched between the two rolls of grey square tiles. The overall effect is a showroom bathroom at builder basic's budget. Sarah connected the bathroom and bedroom for a cohesive look by using (1) strong/bold impact through tile band in bathroom and zigzag headboard in the bedroom, (2) color on vanity is 1/2 strength of the wall color in the bedroom, and (3) the antique bronze finish on the wall sconces echoes the black elements in the bedroom.

Before I wrap up this week's special, here are a couple of finds I spotted over the weekend. This pair of wood curved arm chairs is the identical one Sarah used in Sarah 101. They can be customized to the color and fabric of your choice and once transformed, I think they are the perfect chairs in any boy's room. They are available at Black Pug DMK.

And for cool, mod floor lamp, how about this one from Queen West Antiques?  Sarah used a similar one in Season 3 of Design Inc.

Now here is yet another opportunity to turn a long coffee table into a bench at the foot of the bed. Sarah had done it in Sarah 101 and I scored this hidden beauty for only $29!

Thanks HGTV Canada for all the amazing pictures! Love the show and can't wait until next week to see the master ensuite and rec room. If you have missed any earlier episodes, you can catch my recaps here.


  1. fantastic recap tim! I missed the episodes in favour of a dinner out, but I love what you've shown of the boys room! Will have to catch it on a replay this weekend.

  2. I loved the boys bedroom. The jumping off point (the fabulous chevron) was fab and Tommy and Sarah took it made it even better!
    In the master bedroom, that gorgeous linen topped desk was my fav element! Love the re-cap Tim!

  3. Love your posts on Sarah. You don't miss a thing!
    The whole boys' bedroom was fantastic. I loved the wall with the grey chair and mirror in behind. The bathroom was beautiful. I especially loved how they used paint to extend the line of the tile. This room looked like a million bucks in real life (unlike the girls' bath imo). The industrial sconces and that vanity really took it to another level.
    I loved elements of the master bedroom as well. Those swing arm lamps were gorgeous and made that wall. Loved the stripe on the headboard. The linen desk looked so expensive in real life. I am still no a huge fan of those drapes but S and T pulled it off so the room didn't feel granny even though the drapes felt that way. I

  4. Can you tell me the specification for the drapery in the master bedroom? I'm in love with it!

    1. Hi Lauren, not sure where this floral is from but Designer Fabrics have lots of floral and you may find a similar one you like there!