Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sarah's House 4: Girl's Room + Craft Room

This week, Sarah and Tommy begin to tackle the upper floor and the first stop is the Girl's Bedroom and ensuite. Don't you love it with a 3,500 square feet home, everyone has an ensuite? Dreaming aside, here is the playful and elegant sleeping quarter of every girl's dream.

image via Rambling Renovators
Pretty amazing isn't it? The crystal lamps, the white furniture, a golden chest, and bright pink architectural salvage for a custom desk, I love them all!  Let's back track a little and see how Sarah and Tommy designed this cheerful bedroom.  As with all my recaps, here is the plan for this room: 

In this bedroom, a confetti polka dot fabric serves as the jumping off point for this room. 

image via Designer Fabrics
Picking a color from this fabric is easy as it has blue, green, red, and orange. Just make sure you are not using all the bold colors and pick only one as your accent color. That way, the overall effect is a subdued yet playful retreat fits for a princess.

In this case, the red hue, which includes the citrus color in barrel vaulted ceiling in the homework nook and pink bohemian accents, is used throughout the room. Love this bumped out and how the white pagoda chandelier contrasts against the orange ceiling!

You may find this confetti fabric a little "kiddy". To be honest with you, I was a little worried when Sarah picked it as the inspirational fabric. I've seen this fabric in real life and it is a kid fabric. What Sarah taught me though is that it's not the pattern or color that makes the room, it is all about the application! With a more sophisticated application (i.e. tolie - pattern cottons being used everywhere: shams, drapes with pleats, duvet cover, and on a refreshed vintage chair with East Lake flair), this polka dot reads a lot more subdued and sophisticated. To add more pattern and visual interest, another bohemian inspired fabric was used a shams and a quilt was placed on the bed.

With all these colors and patterns in the room, Sarah went with white and cream for the fundamentals. All the furniture pieces were vintage and with a coat of white, they are good as new! I personally love shopping vintage for (1) being Green and good for the environment, and (2) exceptional quality at unbeatable prices! These pieces added so much character and personality to the space. And best of all, you can spray them to whatever color you want!

Being a little doubtful in the beginning but I've got to tell you, I love this room for its overall cheerful, playful, and yet sophisticated appeal. I also love that everything is mis-matched in the room, which gives the brand new room a sense of history, as if these pieces were passed down from generations or collected while travelling. A room full of texture, colors, patterns, and style on a budget, what's not to love?

Let's check out the ensuite and here is the game plan:

To tie-in the bedroom and the bathroom, a consistent use of boho chic pieces such as the mirror, the wall sconces, the vintage vanity, and towels in bright bold colors all echo the bohemian aesthetics in the bedroom. To dress up the builder basic porcelain tiles inspired by natural stone, Sarah added a single band of mosaics for a custom, elegant look for less than $100.

The vanity looks amazing and Tommy added an open shelve to max out storage capacity.   I love the scallop front detail on the shelve!  It's not only aesthetically beautiful, the design also allows our princess to stand closer to the vanity. A tip from Sarah: when looking for a vintage piece, be mindful of its dimension and 54" long, 23" deep, and 30" tall is perfect for a vanity. Add a vessel sink, a marble countertop and backsplash, and some baskets for storage, the vanity is ready to serve.

The whimsical tile installation (thanks Jen for the illustration) is another custom detail you can easily attempt at your own home. Instead of upgrading to more expensive materials, Sarah and Tommy opted for a dreamy herringbone application with basic white and cream subway tiles!

Of course no Sarah Richardson's room is completed without the perfect accessories.  In the girl's bathroom, Sarah accessorized the room with a collection of milk glass vases to infuse the feminine, romantic sensibility.

With four bedrooms up on the second floor, Sarah and Tommy decided to turn one into a craft room.

image via Rambling Renovators
You may find the idea of designating a room for craft projects instead of a guest bedroom a little unconventional.  However, if you have a 3,500 sq ft home, you may just be able to afford a craft room for everyone to embrace their creative talents.

Here is how Sarah and Tommy started, a craft central peninsula:

Essential elements for any craft room include: lots of storage, large and durable working surface, and containers for crafty products. To achieve this ultimate craft room, Sarah and Tommy landed on a kitchen island with solid oak top, stainless steel open shelves, sturdy structural frame in white. To allow for maximum flexibility and storage, two islands were put together back to back but flipped, so each person on both sides of the islands would have space to work and lots of storage within reach. Now we got two working stations with seating and storage!  Don't you love how an ingenious plan comes to life?

For additional storage, Sarah also put together a few pieces of kitchen cabinets with small and large drawers. To make these standard big box cabinets looking more like furniture pieces, Sarah added decorative steel legs and dynamite oversized square knobs in polished chrome.

A 16 drawers IKEA PS Sinka storage unit was introduced to the room. Instead of the standard blonde wood finish, Sarah painted the drawer fronts with four different blues.  This DIY project is simple but huge on impact!

Kitchen organization tools such as racks, hooks, and containers were installed to avoid clutter. Not to mention the fact that they are such sleek and attractive organization solutions in a craft room!

With all the practical elements set in stone, it's now time to think of softness and colors. Being inspired by the blue sky, Sarah chose "robin's egg blue" as the wall color and used half strength as a border on the ceiling for an unexpected visual interest. Note that this border goes around the pot lights! The pot lights are an upgrade, but for a craft room, you need to be able to see what you're creating. Here is Sarah's plan for the pot lights:

For extra softness, a custom wall to wall tack board was professionally installed and covered by a weave fabric with a dynamic geometric pattern. It is now the perfect sweet spot to collect and display inspirations.

I love crafty project so I love the idea of having a designated craft room. I also appreciate the fact that Sarah was mindful of the possibility of return this craft room back into a bedroom in the future.  Thus, there is still a closet and ensuite bathroom (you will see soon) attached to the room and that all furniture pieces are versatile and can be relocated in different parts of the house.

As part of my weekly recap, I want to share with you this Garfield High Back chair I found at Of Things Past. This chair was featured in the family room of Sarah's House 2 and a pair was available at Of Things Past during my visit a couple of weeks ago.

image via of Things Past
We are now into the 4th week of Sarah's House 4!  Thanks HGTV Canada for bringing us the show and all the fantastic images.  If you have missed any of the episodes, you could check out my recaps on the living room, entrance, mudroom, kitchen, family room, and dining room.


  1. I'm generally a fan of these rooms. I personally love the girl's room (except for the wall art) - knowing that this house is going to be sold (well, already is), I think it is nice that the girl room wasn't too OTT. However, I hate HATE the shower tile. First off, the cream looks dirty next to the white IMO, and second, herringbone only looks like herringbone to me when it is the angle where the points go up and down. You know? Take that illustration and turn it a quarter turn to the left and WHAM, herringbone gorgeousness. The way that it is done doesn't look like herringbone to me. Meh. What do I know! Maybe it will be the next big thing.

  2. I drool over this craft room. I actually put one with a similar layout to this in our 4th bedroom. Of course with a much lower budget than Sarah, ours wasn't as stylish because it was put together with pieces of furniture left over from our move (old kitchen table became the island, ikea pieces the storage, etc). It worked great BUT it is now gone. Being a craft room there was always a project or two laying out. The room is at the top of our stairs so the door had to always be shut or we would look straight into the mess! That room is now my walk-in closet (love it!) and the crafting has gone into the basement :-(
    Seeing Sarah and Tommy's craft room makes me wish for it back! :-)

  3. I am with you Janice about the wall art. I think I would have gone for framing wallpaper samples with ribba frames. It may actually look more polish and less $.

    I love the tiles on the floor and the vanity. I also thought would the cream and white tiles look "dirty" against one another. But I like how it reference back to the white wall and "natural wool" carpet as Sarah called it.

    Now the herringbone pattern, I actually thought it was chevron! And if I were to do it for myself, I may do white and grey or with stones. Of course stone is 100 times the $. But for a fixed element like this, I would spend the extra money.

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  5. Wow this is a great recap! I missed the episode and feel like I am fully caught up - thanks Tim. I like what they did with the rooms - I agree re: the tile colouring, but the other major pieces of the bathroom are spot on. The bedroom is gorgeous and thankfully the wall art is easy to change.

  6. How can I get to see your show in Hamburg Germany?

  7. A Cheap bunk bed is the perfect choice if you plan to use it for only a couple of years or don't expect it to get a lot of use. If, for example, you're putting in bunks to accommodate cousins who only visit once a year, then cheap beds are an excellent option.

  8. Where can I find shelf brackets like the pink ones used for the desk? Those are amazing!