Monday, November 28, 2011

One of A Kind Show

One of A Kind Show is in town!  Every year, the show brings together the finest quality and craftsmanship from the most talented artisans in Canada, showcasing the latest from fashion, culinary, and green inspired products for you and your home.  I was a fan of the show even before I started blogging, so I was super excited to be invited to the media preview breakfast to soak in all the handmade goodness.

Bright and early at 8:45am, I arrived at the Direct Energy Centre and was greeted by this giantic Christmas tree and the breakfast cafe decorated in a crisp blue + white scheme.  I love orchid and now going crazy about this blue one!  It will be the inspiration for my kitchen this year.

This year, the show also hosts a "one of a kind cup contest" and in keeping with the holiday spirit, we all get to take home one of these beautiful cups, handcrafted by the talented exhibitors.  Here are the contenders: love the simple and honest design of these cups from not made in china.

I also like these tea cups, especially this little guy with the delicate detail at the handle from Ateliers Descentans.  And this little guy is the one sitting in my cupboard now!

After the delicious breakfast, I started my tour at the Studio Liscious.  I am always on the look out of an amazing media unit/console with storage.  Check this one out in black walnut and an engraved bird motif.

Love their wood work and if you are looking for a nature inspired stool or bench, check out Studio Liscious.

I know a friend who's crazy about playmobil, and I'm sure she's all crazy about this collection of fun artwork on the wall!

My favourites? Santa and Indian Chief warrior!

After I got distracted by the playful artwork, I turned my attention back to wood work and was floored by these whimsical branch inspired wall hooks and chic bird houses!

Really!  How can you say no to these amazing creations?

Now here is a Muskoka Chair alternative for your modern cottage.  Love it!

Original artwork is always on top of my list and combine that in soulful vignettes, Erin you have nailed it!

I love the heritage feeling transpires from Erin's work.  They add comfort and up the cozy factors to any spaces.  I loved her work when I first noticed her at the AWOL Square Foot Art Exhibition, and now I am hooked.  

Continuing with artwork, my next stop was my latest favourite, Suzanne Ernst.  I met Suzanne at the Outdoor Art Exhibition back in July and was delighted to hear she would be at the show this year.  I've commissioned Suzanne for a piece in my living room and you will just have to wait for my Holiday Reveal to see it!

But in the mean time, check out these amazing artwork by Suzanne.

Suzanne's work (at least currently anyway) focuses on photography with mix mediums such as oil, acrylic, and pastel paints.  Scentic view from the lakehouse or a moment of quietness in the middle of the concrete jungle, Suzanne has captured the stunning images through her lenses and reinterpreted them as one of a kind art creation. 

Walking along, I found myself landed in the pottery section and I love this homey booth by April from Blackbird Pottery.  I also love the punch of red in both the booth and April's pottery.

I've never met a collection of matte white porcelain I don't like.  These ones from Louise Bousquet are no exception.  Love the soft glow of this night lamp.

Louise' pieces are delicate and elegant.  Her craftsmanship is superb and the clay of these beautiful creations comes all the way from France!  Check out these vases and tea set.  I love those apples and may just have to go back to pick up a few.

Looking for beautiful pieces to serve your delicious sweets at your holiday's party? You will love this set by Louise.

I was told the artists only have two days to set up their booth.  Now how on earth did this artist built this totally traditional Japanese inspired pottery house in 2 days? I love this booth and man check out this rabbit bowl!

Similar to his booth, this artist is meticulous on how to showcase his creation and man what a great job! This jar with a crackle finish scores high on my scale.

Love the 3-D texture on this cup and wait, isn't this the cup I wrapped up at the breakfast? Thanks Renaud!

And here is the booth filled with bowls, cups, mugs, and other kitchen must-haves by Hugo from not made in China.

Don't you love how his pieces are so neatly layout? and I love this black and white collection entitled "splash".

Origami inspired creamers and adorable bowls:

A couple of fun designs on these perfect coffee mugs.

Well the fact that Hugo is super cute also scores him some brownie points.  Ladies and Gents, have I motived you to go check out his booth yet?

You all know I love textiles and so of course I'd to check out the fabric corner.  My first stop: elegant hand screen printed images on organic cotton/linen by Jenna Rose.

These two prints are perfect for Chris and I.  The birdie for me and the bike for Chris. 

bookhou is fantastic textile house in Toronto specializes in hand screen projects that I totally love!

I love these vases and what a fun holiday gift to Chris' baby nephew in Germany! 

2012 is quickly approaching and these whimsical nature inspired pages from bookhou is my pick for 2012.

Up next, the booth of L'Atelier du Presbytere totally transported me from downtown Toronto to the country side of Provence!  This booth has country chic from France written all over it.  It is is filled with beautiful linen and products that I love to fill my home with.

From the little ones to table linen and aprons in the gourmet kitchen, L'Atelier du Presbytere has you covered.

I am on the hunt for beautiful country chic table linen and these ones with embroidery detail stole my heart.

Don't you love this cozy vignette? It is full of old world charm!  I also love the soft purple of this napkin.  I think I will need to go back to pick up a couple and turn them into pillows one day.

Heather from pi'lo is also at the show this year and of course I had to go visit her. 

Heather's booth is filled with my old and new favourites.  Loving these image ornaments and the felt bird mobile.

Heather's products and packaging are also classy and elegant.  For example, have a look at these  little brown boxes.  They are in the perfect shade of chocolate brown and Heather wraps them with natural yarns and a simple tag.  Ta Da! The perfect gift for the holidays.

What is in the brown little box you wonder? They are filled with these birdies in an antique silver finish!  I also picked up this fun bingo set.  Will be bringing it over to Germany for Chris' nephew next year.

Here is something fun.  I am crazy about mixing fabrics and texture, and the moment I saw Kailey Hawthorn's booth, I knew I was in for a treat!  Kailey is so good with her fabric mixes that I was  totally a kid in the candy store!

Check out this bright and cheerful stocking in stylish orange and turquoise, and Kailey's creative mix of complementary fabrics on this pillow.

If you are looking for a pillow that's uniquely yours, look no further than these pillows from Kailey! She has a whole collection from A to Z!

Storage is key to any room and why not combine function with style? Here is Alison from Lovell Designs.

Mission accomplished after 3 hours at the show (I was set out to check out artwork, pottery, and textiles) and here are just a few more highlights I would like to share with you.

I like organic products, especially when it comes to soaps.  If you're on board with me on organic soaps, these lightly fragrant ones from Honey Pie are soft a on hands and good for the environment.

I also like beeswax candles and HoneyPie has a wide selection at affordable prices. 

My favourites are these eggs candles and this teddy bear.

Looking for something a little fuzzy for your doll house? Have a look at these adorable fierce bunnies by Sonja Ahlers.  They are handsewn from vintage sweaters made of natural angora, lambswool and cashmere.   

A polar opposite to the softness of the bunnies, these pine cones are made out of steel.  The rusts gave the pine cones their charm and characters.  I love the level of details and sophistication Floyde injects into his master pieces.

The One of a Kind Show also has two stages: the Fashion Theatre and the main stage.  This is probably where Jen from Rambling Renovators will host her talk on how to have a stressfree Holidays for Moms at 11am on December 1st, 2011.  Don't miss it!

Of course House & Home was also at the show and hand selected a few pieces to showcase from the show.

My favourites: this ash wood block from Urban Tree Salvage for its strength and natural beauty, and this beautiful pillow with the perfect fix of colors and pattern, with a blend of modern with traditional.  Way to go Kailey!  

That's my wrap of this year's One of A Kind Show.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you have until this Sunday, December 4th to check out all these fantastic products!  Talk to the artists, you will appreciate the pieces even more when you know the stories behind their creations.


  1. Everything looks awesome I have never been but I think I will try to make it next year thanks Cheers Frances

  2. What a great recap...fingers crossed I can drag my husband there on Sunday! Did you buy anything?

  3. Lots of lovely items!! Of course I did pick up a few pieces for myself. You will just have to wait a couple more weeks before my Holiday Reveal!

    Meanwhile, go check out the OOAKS!

  4. Great recap Tim! And yes we did like a few of the same - guess we have the same great taste! :) I must have missed Suzanne's booth - I'm really intrigued.

  5. I am heading to check it out tomorrow! You gave a great recap that I can't wait to get there for myself and see!

  6. A wonderful recap Tim! A few of your picks I also included in my talk! Now you have me wanting to go back and shop some more.

  7. I really enjoyed the show this year. .. although I had to speed-walked the entire show and rush back to work. I missed Identity but discovered them through your recap Jen, and our fab Vanessa helped me to get one of their antler pillows for my bedroom!

    Looking amazing in the bedroom and couldn't have done it without you ladies! Thx!!

  8. This is a great collection of some very inspiring artists. Thanks so much for including some of my favourites, and for also letting me know about new artists!