Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bay: Christmas Edition

The temperature maybe above seasonal (not that I'm complaining), but we are  definitely a week into November and that means we are only 7 weeks away from Christmas!  The Bay has always been one of my must-go stores for holidays inspirations and if you have seen my Christmas 2010, you would know that I'm obsessed with Christmas.  So I thought, why not sharing with you all my great tour of the Christmas Street at the Bay to kick start the holiday spirits!

Before I show you what Christmas Street has to offer, I have to say a BIG Thank You to both Brian Gluckstein and Arren Williams for the fantastic tour and all their hard work in putting together this year's holiday inspirations for us all!

The Christmas Street features 6 unique holiday themes and with over 15,000 beautiful products to choose from, the only question you may have is: where do I start?  No need to panic, I'm here to give you a guided tour.  For our first stop Ladies and Gents, may I introduce you "Winter Lilac" from the Gluckstein's collection:

Inspired by what's sizzling hot right now on the runway, this collection is all about sumptuous textiles and colors.  With deep regal purples and rich gold, this look screams luxury and Hollywood glam.  I particularly like these pair of crystal sconces and this beautiful plate set.

Loving this vignette!  Crystal chandelier and candelabras, silver plater with wood grain details, beautiful cake stands at various heights, and gorgeous ornaments in shades of gold and purples, how could you say no to this collection?  In fact, purple was my pick for Christmas 2010!

These are my favourites from the Winter Lilac collection.

Up next is "Arctic Wonder".  As the title suggests, this whimsical collection is filled with shades of blue and white.  This modern color scheme comes to live with hits of peacock green and of course sparkly crystals!

I'm crazy about the supersized snowflakes, the icy branches, and these ornaments in deep rich blues.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like snow globes and check out these mini ones as ornaments! They are also the perfect place card holders and gifts for you guests!  Here is one of Arren's favourite wreaths: frosted branches, icy blue ornaments, beautiful flowers, and delicate bird nest, this wreath has it all!

In case you missed this stunning chandelier in the early picture, here is a couple of close-ups for you.  Yours truly has a mini version at home and now totally inspired to start hanging crystals from it for added festive flair.  My favourite crystals from the collection are the smooth, stunning tear drops.

Here is my absolute favourite from the Gluckstein's collection, "Snow Capped".  This collection combines the classic Canadian winter with soft colors, plush textures, and a touch of rustic appeal.  Who doesn't love sitting next to a fireplace with a classic Hudson Bay's wool blanket in those cold winter nights?  I love the hit of black from the pendants, the aluminum stools, and how these modern elements contrast against the nature inspired, rustic log cabin collection.

Incredible antler chandelier and again, modern furnishings (table and chaise) in this collection.

Loving this table setting.  Who would have thought a practical cutting board can also double as placemat?  Crazy about the mismatched plate sets, the antler candle holders, and these pine candles!

 Looking for mini trees, here are a couple of options for you.

Loving these old world ornaments and yes, they also double as decor on the table!

Teddy bear ornaments in herringbones and stocking in charcoal grey felt: this, my friend, is perfect for the gentlemen's club.

Of course I couldn't resist these sweet felt owls!

Moose is also big in Canadian winter.  Here is a life size display if you have the room for one.  For the rest of us, a mini version may just be what we need for the fireplace vignette!

That's a wrap for the Gluckstein's collections and we have now entered the Christmas Street Arren and his team created for us.  Similar to "Snow Capped", this collection is rustic, homey, and charming.  "Country Charm" happens to be Arren's favourite too!

I love these vintage inspired ornaments! Look at that adorable expression on Santa's face and the hand painted deers on the ornaments.

Loving the snowshoes, the lanterns, and these burlap tree skirts with the "NOEL" embroidery.

I know we tend to go glamorous when it comes to dressing the tree, but I am loving this refreshing alternative to Christmas.

I am also inspired by what's in Santa's slay: the perfect advent calendar, and simple yet elegant gift wrapping ideas!

The following collection is unique in its color combination of olives and muted gold: totally refreshing and unexpected!  I particularly love the yellow on the plate sets.

Want to get an unconventional tree? How about this one in a huge urn and then fill it with exquisite glass ornament and sandblasted crystals?

Unique to this collection, the wreaths and ornaments are all glittery but subdued.

The last of the six holiday theme is "Regal Holiday".  This color scheme is classic, luxurious, with a mix of velvet and tartan.  If you love classic traditional Christmas, this is where your dream begins.

Taking a traditional red and green palette, the tartan pattern transitions the color palette from classic to a pleasant surprise. Tartan is used everywhere in this vignette: the shades on the chandelier, the ornaments, the tablecloth, and the decorative ribbons.

Love the use of berries and feathers instead of traditional "floral arrangement", and simple wreaths as placemats.

Everyone loves teddy bears and Christmas is all about nutcracker.  So why not combine the two together for a super cute collection of teddy nutcrackers?

Love this ultra comfortable cane chair on casters by Ralph Lauren Home.  Some people like a bowl of chocolate for Christmas.  For me, nothing beats a bowl of beautiful ornaments!

Check out this cozy and vibrant vignette!  I absolutely love this green tartan loveseat.  Here is a simple easy way to up the festive factor to your existing chandelier: add some greenery and berries!

Here is a good representation of the Regal Holiday palette and I am loving these clock inspired ornaments!  I always love a touch of vintage to mix in with the rest of the decoration.

Antler is so hot right now and this is just absolutely gorgeous.  Sadly this one is "display only" and not for sale.  And if you are looking for a simple way to add tartan in your decor, consider these ornaments.

Of course Christmas is also about having a wonderful time with family and friends.  If you are running tight in time to pick the perfect holiday's gifts, consider these delicious and stylish options:

If you are heading to a fondue party, consider bringing this 1.5kg solid Belgium chocolate bar to the party!  And if chocolate isn't what you have in mind, this set of mercury glass votives, comes with stylish white porcelain platter and white coated pine cones, will for sure score you a lots of brownie points!

Of course I've also started my own decoration at home for the Holidays.  You will see more of my winter wonderland soon but for now, here are a couple of teasers.

Come back next week for my Holiday Report from West Elm.


  1. OMG, Tim, I was just at The Bay yesterday for a visit to Christmas Street, and I loved all of the themes - but Arctic Wonder and Winter Lilac were my faves. After seeing this amazing post I won't be writing one, since I can't possibly outdo your gorgeous photos!! The Bay at Christmas is a MUST visit!!

  2. Fabulous recap Tim! I don't think there was a detail you missed.

    P.S. I'm working my way through that 1.5kg chocolate bar. Definitely NOT a good thing ;)

  3. I am dying to decorate my home this minute after seeing all the gorgeous decorations. Loving winter lilac!!

  4. Thanks ladies for the sweet words! I had so much fun meeting Brian and ArrenWilliams. Jen you were such fun buddy to hang out with! Looking forward to OOAKS!

    As for the chocolate bar, it is still sitting in my office! I think I will do something with it at my Christmas party :)

  5. I love going to the Bay downtown at Christmas time and when they have Brian and Aaron featured then it is a cant miss for sure...Thanks for the awesome post. Cheers Frances