Sunday, October 23, 2011

Store Alert: Snob

I first noticed Snob at IDS 2011 when I saw their gorgeous Egyptian pendants. Next thing you know, Sarah used it in a contemporary dining room in Sarah 101!  I love the intricate handcrafted detail on these pendants and the incredible glow and ambience they add to any spaces.

Fast forward for a few months, I decided to hunt for a white feather headdress to put above the fireplace in my living room.  I dug up some magazine clippings and soon I realized they all sourced it from Snob!  A quick call to Snob had me discovered a pure white feather headdress is a rare find, and they happened to have one freshly arrived from Africa.  I will share with you my feather headdress story later but first check out these authentic, well-designed, and handmade pieces in at Snob.

The turquoise feather headdress and the wooden stools add the punch of color, warmth, and character to the space.  Need to point this out to you all: no glue or screws were used in the making of these beautiful and very comfortable antique stools.  They were carved out of a solid piece of wood and were passed down for generations in Africa.

Now if you want a warmer palette, how about this red and white vignette? Denise, the store owner, did a fantastic job in mixing pieces with strong cultural presence like the red feather headdress and the pair of  red chairs with a sleek contemporary ground polished chrome coffee table.  Many of the pieces in the store are one of a kind and my friend you are looking at the zulu headdress for a bride in Africa, made with real hair from her sisters in the tribe. What a meaningful and breathtaking conversation piece for your home.

Another exquisite item I noticed in this vignette.  This mod black and white beaded chair has a traditional silhouette and intricate beaded leaf motif, transforming what we normally see upholstered with fabric into a piece of art.

What is this you wonder?  This Mama chair is made out of recycled plastic and it comes in many different colors: taking a beautiful and practical approach to green home furnishing.

Love this stunning mirror in muted gold and check out this well designed floating desk with storage on the side! These are custom pieces and can be configured to any dimension for your home.  Also need to bring to your attention are these oh-so-comfortable madagascar grass chairs.  These chairs scream "Hamptons" to me and they are a total score for $450 a piece including the seat cushion.

Here is the madagascar grass chair showing a couple of fun pillows.  You all know I love the bird motif and I am now totally digging this pebble pillow.

I'm still hunting for the perfect bench for the Builder's Dream project and this woven beauty may just be the answer to my prayers.  Intricate, strength, and elegance, this beach can be customized to your specification and I absolutely love it.

How much do I like the bench? Well, enough for me to share more detail shots with you!  Check out the craftsmanship and attention to detail to the design and making of this handsome bench.

A fun little chair in the store: so rich in texture and color.  It is teeny and Denise told me this is a typical chair the folks in Africa would carry around as their "personal chair".   I've  told you I'm crazy about wire accent and banana about yellow.  Here is how Snob combined my two latest obsessions: This beauty is at dining table height and with a piece of glass (perhaps 36" in diameter), it could be the perfect table in the kitchen makeover at Builder's Dream.

Being such a great host, Denise also showed me her latest shipment and the gorgeous pieces not yet hit the showroom.  Wire tables/stools in silver and muted gold.  And if you are looking for a natural beauty, these hand carved stools may just be what you are looking for.

Grass is a fast grower and the possibility is endless.  Combined with its strength, grass is the perfect material for durable, green furnishing.

These sculptures are actually architectural poles to support homes in Africa, and Sarah used a couple of similar one in this cozy family room

So let me get back to the feather headdress.  30" in diameter, this stunning beauty took my breath away but it was too big for my fireplace.  Desperate to find another suitable spot for it landed me in the bedroom.  Perfect isn't it? I absolutely loved it on this wall and it is the first thing you see when you walk into the bedroom.  Its scale is perfect for this wall but unfortunately a bit too overpowering for my bedroom as a whole.  Reluctantly I had to take the piece back but let me assure you, I will find a place for it one day!     

It is almost time to decorate for the holidays season.  Check out Snob for the perfect items for your home!

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  1. Tim,
    I love SNOB and that gorgeous turquois feather headdress....want it for above my fireplace mantel!! Have a great day!!
    Christine / GlamaMama xo