Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins: Halloween Edition

I'm not really a Halloween kind of guy.  Yes I do enjoy going to Halloween parties, but it's mostly about seeing friends, having fun, and enjoying a couple glasses of delicious fruit punch.  So it may come as a surprise to you all that I don't decorate for Halloween at home.  I usually stretch out Summer as much as I can and before you know it, my place is switched to Christmas (my favourite holidays of all).

I'm quite busy at work this year and actually haven't got a chance to embrace "Christmas" yet  ... yes, please don't hate me: I usually have my tree up and decorated by end of October.  Since I'm a little delayed on Christmas this year, I thought I would share with you some of the fantastic ideas on how to decorate for Halloween with good old pumpkins.

I'm loving this chic black and white scheme when the occasion is predominantly dictated by orange.  It is such a refreshing, almost elegant approach to Halloween as oppose to the usual "scary" faces.

Nature inspired decoration is a big trend for Fall and these vine pumpkins from Pottery Barn rank top of my list.  Here is a more advance take on pumpkin carving demostrated by Martha.  I absolutely love the intricate pattern and the soft glow from the candles. 

The carving above might have scared you off but here is a more managable approach by Home&Home.

Taking another step further, why settled for nature inspired if you can take soak up what nature has to offer?  This forest pumpkin is the easier DIY of all.  With a couple of deers and trees from your local craft stores and a pumpkins: mission accomplished.  How about these very adorable pumpkins turn mushrooms and snails decoration?  Love it Martha!

Here is yet another simple craft projects for you to enjoy with the little ones at home.  The end result is an elegant and yet playful display on the fireplace mantle or a bowl in the front hall.  Thanks Apartment Therapy for sharing the ideas with us.  

If pumpkin carving and paper cutting is too much work for you, how about some fun with leftover paints and thin stripes of painters tapes?  Like these silver pumpkins?  Lets Sarah shows you how to do it at home.

So far the Halloween decoration I shared with you are "pretty" rather than "scary" mainly because I never like the bloody scene.  But these ones are just so adorable that I couldn't help myself but to show them to you!  If I'm decorating for Halloween one day, this is it!  Thanks Lindsay for bringing this ideas to my attention and Martha you truly are the best!!

Hope you these Halloween decoration ideas inspired you to try a couple or two at home. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many modern and unique Hallowe'en ideas, Tim. It's very refreshing to see something new!
    I have a very simple approach to Hallowe'en decor, check out what I did at home: