Thursday, October 27, 2011

Local Talent: Art Alert

A couple of exciting art shows are happening this weekend.  If you are in the Aurora area treasure hunting at antique markets for one more time, check out the 5th Annual Northern Exposure.  It showcases many talents from decorative christmas stockings, pillows, handmade jewelry, to organic soaps.

Bill Corcoran from Needleiron, the man behinds all the fab pillows on Candice Tells All, will also be there with his signiture pillows.  As Christmas is almost around the corner, Bill has also handcrafted a selection of Christmas stockings.  Don't miss it!

image via Needle

If you are going to be in town, Art Toronto is also happening this weekend at the Metro Convention Centre.  Working with Troy from Caviar20, one of my recent treasure will also be featured at the show!  Troy kept the concept as top secret and I can't wait to see how my stunning Hollywood inspired coffee table will mingo with other artistic talents!


  1. That's your table Tim? If so - I saw it this afternoon!

  2. Really? Mine is white.. But they are exactly the same as this one. I will see it in place tomorrow! Did you enjoy the show?