Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Builder's Dream: Living Zone

After a very successful shopping spree at the Style Garage sample sale, we are ready to map out our plans for the living zone.  The couple loves to entertain, and we are talking about 20 to 30 guests enjoying tasty orderves, martinis, and sharing a few good laughs.  No one wants a drab party.  My mission is to design a logical traffic flow and inviting furniture arrangement that maximize seating capacity to ensure a fab party every time!

You have seen my plan for a cozy lounge area on the right side of the room.  This time, we are tackling the living zone on the right. 

Here is my plan:
Builder's Dream - living Zone

I don't like to see a gigantic black box (a.k.a TV) the moment I walked into the room.  My initial thought was to source out the billy book cases or kitchen cabinets from IKEA for another poor man master piece on the east wall to balance off the fireplace on the west wall.  This classic built-in unit by Sarah was my inspiration.  I love the panel detail at the back of the unit and how it incorporated both open and close storage.

The Jane loft bi-sectional will go on the north wall with the chaise comes out as a peninsula: imagine guests sitting on both side of the chaise.  That's seating maximization at its best!  Unfortunately after the sectional gone into the space, we discovered there wasn't enough room for a wall to wall built-in without having to move the entire sectional sofa further left.  That ... I have a problem with since it would become a major block of our traffic flow from the front entrance to the kitchen.

Luckily the Jane loft bi-sectional does swing both ways and we will now have the TV on the south wall instead: another ideal location for not having to see the black box.  Side note: Joe wants a 55" TV ... need I say more?  We found this tailored credenza with panelled doors on GUFF for a steal.  The piece is in good condition.  My plan was to have the unit sprayed a soft white or grey.  However after seeing it in the space, we decided to leave it as we all loved the amazing natural walnut patina against the pale grey walls.

Now I need something on the east wall to counter the visual weight of the fireplace on the west wall.  Without the built-in, I sourced out some grass cloth wallpapers and this amazing lumimarja fabric from Marimekko for a fun DIY art project.
Here are a couple of inspiration shots from Style At Home with grasscloth wallpapers in action.  Grey or taupe: that's the question. My preference is a light taupe with woven pattern but I do like the shimmery factors of the grey ones. Time to check out Primetime!

We also need a dynamite pendant fixture for the living zone and I thought why not making a statement with this Orb chandelier from Restoration Hardware?

For area rugs, I do intend to get one rug that runs throughout the living and lounging areas.  I can go to carpetOne for a custom piece with ribbon bound borders or I can sew together a couple of subdued yet full of textural interests rugs from West Elm!  Allow me to present the oasis flat weave rug and the chervon knot rug.

And then of course I fell in love with this brand new addition to West Elm's rug collection.  Allow me to introduce you to Marquis:

We also need a couple of stools for casual seating and the stylish and sophisticated thomas stool by Sarah is my top pick!  A visit to Snob also had me going banana about these wire stools.  Love to have one in bright yellow.

Hope you enjoy this living zone.  Our next stop: powder room! 

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