Monday, October 31, 2011

Art Toronto 2011

Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF) was in town at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The show featured artists from over 109 galleries and 13 countries, showcasing visually stimulating artworks that aimed to provoke your senses.  I attended the TIAF for the first time this weekend and wow what an amazing show!

Here are some exciting artwork I spotted on the weekend.  I love these simple and yet powerful images by Rachael Nee (smoke, graphite on board) and Adam David Brown (smoke on paper), demanding attention without the use of bold colors. 

At first glance, this image looks like a typical underwater shot of herring getting into a tight ball.  But if you look closely, these are not herring but individuals swimming in the ocean.  This stunning image is composed by Angelo Musco, who photographed each and single one of these individuals, capturing their motions under water and the result? An inspirational master piece!  Sorry ... this maybe the only time nudity appears on my blog ... but it's all for this stunning artwork.

I've been drawn to over exposed, richly saturated images lately, and this one by James Robert Durant certainly caught my eyes with the turquoise water, happy blue umbrellas, and a hit of red and yellow as accent. 

Do you like the edge of this piece? I love how the artist applied the high gloss resin finish to the side of the plywood as well.  I overheard other visitors commenting that the plywood edge left the piece felt unfinished.  To me, I think that added extra visual interest and texture that complement the image.

What an incredibly detailed and captivating photograph by Jean-Francois Rauzier.  I love how Jean picked the intricate and vibrant ceiling as its subject matter and not audiences in the theatre. 

Another stunning image by Jean.  I absolutely love how the rich blues contrast against the warm glows on the facade of this magnificent building!  Of course I have to show you the true subject of this artwork: the handsome deer standing proud and full of pride in this man-made jungle.

Let's get to something more casual.  I love these two pieces from Seattle artist Christopher Boffoli, whose work transforms ordinary items into one of a kind experience with fun miniature figurines.  I love the humor and energy from these images.

How about this fun number by Jill Greenberg for a healthy dose of sarcasm?

If photography is not your piece of cake, how about these interesting paintings? I love the color of this highway sign and the exaggerated rain drops during cherry blossom by Ben Reeves.

These two pieces by Kelly Ratchford caught my attention but a little too sad in their expression.  The sadness of these images reminded me of the Grave of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli

Moving on to artwork with three dimensional textile interest.  This amazing artwork by Peter Monaghan is not only colorful in the centre but also changes colors as you move from left to right!

Another stunning piece by Peter.  I love the disco glam vibe of this piece and how easily it lends itself to any room decor style and be the star of the show!

If you're looking for something soft and dreamy, how about these hand knitted circles held in place with invisible needles? What a pretty piece by Amanda McCavour.

Talking about handcrafted pieces, check out this colorful and yet calming composition of chiyogami butterflies by Will & Caro from Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.  I am so learning how to make these beautiful butterflies.  Just hope that I can be as precise as Will and Caro in placing each and everyone in smooth circles.

Here my friend is a master class of precision.  This artwork by Chris Wood plays off the radiant colors within "white light" as it hits each of these carefully angled dichroic glasses.

Check out these miniature glasses!  They are made out of candy wrappings and hand twisted by Joanne Tinker.  What an interesting and colorful piece for a hip modern white interior!

My recent obsession to all things nature has drawn me to this deer image fantastically weaved together by Martin Rondeau and this oh-so-cute supersized baby cow by Joe Fafard.

What a romantic boat ride!  The illustration reminded me so much of my annual summer canoe trip to the Massasauga Provincial Park.  Never thought I would like any figures remotely related to "Chucky", but these very cute ones by Donovan & Siegel are the exceptions.

Now, here is the whimsical and non-kiddy miniature by Erin Vincent.  I love her pieces and totally can see them in my own home. 

More of Erin's work: check out these fun ones set on antique wood bases and
covered by glass domes.  Erin is having another show from November 3 to 19 at 99 Gallery.  More pieces will be showcase there, so if you like what you see, make sure you go check it out!

From miniature to larger than life sculptures, if you have the space, Ross Bell (the Strip Cube) has got you covered.  Sorry didn't catch the artist of the wooden sphere.

Here is the booth that drawn me to the show in the first place.  I mentioned in my earlier post that Troy from Caviar20 would be featuring one of my latest finds in the show.  Before I show you the fantastic installation, here is Troy's booth.

Here are a couple of amazing pieces showcased in Troy's booth.  I absolutely love their shapes and forms.  This LED chandelier is truly an art form.

Folks, here is where the fun begin!  Collaborated with Caviar20, Kent Monkman created this whimsical life-size maze that featured a piece of furniture from yours truly.  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: The Art Show!

The Red Room features The Curator and though optical illustion, this bodyless pretty face reads up the latest from his laptop computer: his only access to knowledge and his window to the world.

The Black Room is the domain of the Art Dealer "who pulls deals out of thin air". 

The Yellow Room is where this prolific artist creates his master piece.  Check out all the paintings he's working on at the same time!

Here comes my favourite, the White Room of the most discerning Collector.

Love this chic white and black room with teak wood as accent.  Of course the most classy bird lady I've ever met.  Did you notice the Hollywood inspired ram head coffee table? That my friend is my contribution to the show!

My friend Gord took this amazing footage of classic black and white bird lady in action.  Enjoy!

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