Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tommy Smythe: Tips on Reno

In the special issue of Home & Home Makeover, Tommy shared with us his tried-and-true tips on good old renovation.  Here is the informative and entertaining article:

My favourite tip from this article is that whether you are contemporary, traditional, or Hollywood glam, keep in mind the historical characters of the home while tackling a renovation and you will love the end product.  Afterall, the character of the home is probably why you purchased it.  So work with it and embrace it!

Tommy's tip on adding characters to builder's basic also comes in handy as I'm working hard to transform one as we speak.  Would love to turn this large vintage window into a mirror!

I also love the "Good Design's Triangle of Expectation".  I first saw that at Sarah's House when Sarah and Tommy discussed plan for the kid's bath.  With the magic of television, Sarah and Tommy were able to break this triangle and finished this stylish bathroom good, fast, and cheap!

I love all the detailing in this bathroom: the contrast of crisp white tile with soft green glass mosaic as accent, the green vanity and mirror, the tile pattern on the floor (I did the same thing in my own bathroom!), and the smart idea of putting a pendant in front of the mirror to double the light.

Love how Sarah and Tommy made use of every square foot of the space.  A storage nook provides functional storage.  The skylight floods the room with natural sun light and adds interest to an otherwise boring sloped ceiling.  Accented by a vintage chair and a stylish wooden bucket, this bedroom is now ready for business!


  1. I forgot about this little bathroom. What hooks did you use for the towels. I just purchased metal pipes, ring base and the curved piece to make a towel bar. Do need hooks for the hand towels or maybe I can just do another industrial bar.

  2. Bought a retro 60s brown table, spray painted it Straw Yellow and it sits in our sunporch, I now have three prices with that olor and it really makes the room pop.

  3. Ooo I LOVE this green bathroom!!

  4. @KBDesigns: love to see the transformation! please send me some pictures when you're done!

    @whitney, it's this the most gorgeous kids bath ever?? Love it!