Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet Meetup

It's always fun to meet up with fellow bloggers to chat about our latest finds, exciting events coming up,  and all the juicy insider scoop of our projects.  I arranged a small meet up with a couple of ladies from the Bloggers Give Back project last week and we had a blast!  My good friend Michelle, who is very much in tune with fabrics and designs, also joined us for some great laughters.

This meet up is particular sweet as we all brought along something sweet.  Jen made her delicious chocolate coconut bites, Vanessa came with very tasty cupcakes and a wonderful savory bread, and Michelle got me beautiful flowers that matched the Maharani wallpaper in my dining room!  

We had so much fun talking about everything from decorating to latest social events, and we actually forgot to take some pictures of our get together!   Well here is my best attempt to re-assemble our gourmet tea party:

So what did I contribute to this sweet meetup you wonder? Well I am not really the baking type but Chris is a fantastic dessert chef!  See the little piece of cake up above: that's Chris' oh-so-tasty German cheesecake from his grandma's secret recipe!  I'm usually not a big fan of cheese cake but this one is so light and is such a refreshing departure from our North America version.

I also picked the lemon zest shortbread recipe from Williams Sonoma.  The dough was easy to prepare (well Chris did most of it) and the baking was simple.  I of course couldn't let my guests going home empty handed.  So I'd prepared this little "cookie basket" for my ladies to take home with.

The cookie basket is such a simple DIY and here is what you need: a glass tealight holder, a roll of yarn and white glue.  The first step is to apply a good amount of glue on 2 sides of the glass container and then all you need to do is to wrap the yarn around the container until it's fully covered.  Once you're done, put a few beads of glue on the yards for extra holding and 2 hours later, your basket is ready to serve!

I also love the shapes of my cookies!  I found these veggie cutters in a Japanese grocery store and the kit came with four different flower patterns.  Interesting "English sentence" on the packaging ... if you actually would "decode" it, please drop me a comment.  But hey, the cookies look great and man they are such tasty treats!  I strongly recommended first time baker to try this recipe.

Speaking of "flowers", I also put together some simple arrangement around the house with my favourite flowers: orchid and carnation.

Who says carnation is only for granny... gather a bunch together, they add style, sophistication, and sweetness to any room!

Happy Labour Day long weekend everyone!    


  1. Hahaha....had a little chuckle at the wording on the packaging of the vegetable cutters...My translations would be...A flavour that melts in your mouth and brings back sweet memories of your childhood?

    Those cakes look delicious..and those flowers are stunning...I love carnations also...and they last for ages too which is always a plus.

    Looks like it was a wonderful little get together ; ) x

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Such a treat!

  3. Oh I wanna try the cheesecake! Love the flowers!!!!

  4. Thanks for having us! You're a great host, food was yummy and your condo is beautiful. Guess we'll be seeing it in print one day :) Too funny that no one remembered photos until we were almost out the door. Loved meeting your lovely friend Michelle and it's always great chatting with Jen. Let's do it again soon!

  5. Haha, sounds like a great get-together. Everything looks delish and your DIY cookie basket - fun & cute!!

  6. It was such a fun time Tim! Like Vanessa said, you're a gracious host - the food, the flowers, the condo - everything was lovely! Thanks so much for the take-home cookies too. We definitely need to do this again.

  7. Thanks everyone! It was so much fun and yes should definitely do it again!