Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sarah Richardson: Hilltop Contemporary Lottery Home

As part of my countdown to Sarah's House 4 premiere on October 18th on HGTV, here is a breathtaking lottery home created by Sarah and the design team from Sarah Richardson Design that truly showcases the art of mixing colors, patterns, texture, modern and traditional influences, and how Sarah's playful design captured everyone's hearts with this hilltop retreat.  

I love the deep purple plum color on the walls and how it sets the tone for other complementry colors such as cream, fuchsia, and rich chocolate wood.  The simple lines in furniture allow the soft elements and accessories to take the spot lights: shimmery mohair velvet on the sofa, solid and pattern fabrics on pillows, luxe drapery panels in silk, amazing art work, and intricate ceramic stool with cutout in leaf motif.   
As we all know, Sarah is known for drawing her inspiration from nature.  Located in White Rock, B.C., Sarah infused bold colors and playful patterns for the lucky winner to enjoy in those grey, foggy days.  I love the energy from the trellis fabrics and how the rich navy blue contrasts with the creamy trellis.  Totally stealing the idea of installing floating shelves next to the fireplace in the dining room for fantastic open displays, and check out that elegant and yet playful chandelier!  

The kitchen features deep espresso on the cabinets, light cream on backsplash and counter top, brush nickels on pendants to mimic silverware.  This kitchen is ready to serve up a tasty cookie-and-cream special! As always, Sarah has squeezed in as many lounge and conversational groupings as possible for cozy entertaining.  Also can't get over the lighting fixtures Sarah picked: this large scale, light and airy geometic pendant adds drama without overpowering the space (since it is also see-thru), while the glass/chrome lantern adds a sense of causal ease and sparkle to the space.

Consistent with the luxe and bold colors/patterns in the living and dining area, Sarah created the same level of interest and energy in the sleeping zone and the bathroom with a much lighter palette.  Who says neutral and light colors can't steal the show?  Here is how Sarah wowed us all!

Kelly green and teal are the accent colors in the guest bedroom.  I absolutely love the bench!  The soft grey color palette in the bathroom is liven up by the pattern plays on the floor, showers, and the penny-rounds on the wall.  To add sparkle and glam to the bathroom, Sarah installed a pair of oversized sconces and gorgeous mirror over the creamy white vanity.

You all know I love wallpaper and this one is no exception ... although the talented Tommy did refer it as "brain and veins".  The calming color combination of light blue, cream, and warm grey is perfect for the lucky winner to escape and unwind from the hactic day at work.  Again the mirrored side tables and polished chrome accessories scream glamour, while the tailored headboard and side chairs in dark grey add a masculine touch.

Love it don't you? Thanks Style At Home for featuring this exquisite home (wish Sarah has done a show home in Toronto).  Check out Sarah's Portfolio and source list for more pictures and information of this fantastic home sweet home!


  1. I too love Sarah's design style and can't wait to see more.

  2. I love your stylist home, its looking fantastic. I just inspired to seen your decoration idea, very nice blog.

  3. Can anyone tell me what the pattern name/number is for the bedroom wallpaper? I see on the article, it would be on the where to buy it guide on page 178, but I don't have the issue and I tried contacting the magazine, but never got a response. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply. I took a look at my clips and unfortunately I also didn't save the detailed source list. From Sarah's website, the wallpaper is from Cole and Son. It's on my "Stores I Love" list. This paper has been in production for awhile and hope it's still available in store.