Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fresh New Look: The Bay

I've always enjoyed the spaces created by Arren Williams.  I remember how I fell in love with the plantation bedroom he created with Suzanne Dimma at Style Dept.  The room was filled with shades of blues and taupes, white panel details on lower half of the walls, sea grass rug on floor, and the perfect chair at the corner.  I couldn't find more pictures of the room online but here are a couple of shots of this sumptuous retreat from my tv (sorry about the quality)!

A few years down the road, Arren has produced many amazing spaces.  I love this farmhouse vignette and the idea of lining wallpaper at the back of a cupboard for a dramatic backdrop.

So I walked passed The Bay's flagship store a couple of weeks ago and then I thought: wow The Bay has gone a really nice job in their display for back to school!  Check out this sitting/living room vignette: perfect for a dorm room or any compact condo.  I love the two slipper chairs in chacoal grey and the side table with black top and polished chrome base.  Chunky chest provides storage and doubles as coffee table.  The chrome/glass tall boy is truly living large by acting as (1) media centre, (2) linen closet, and (3) bookcase.

I appreciate the honesty at these displays (especially at the homework station) as dorm rooms are often not very tidy, especially after the boys pulled an all nighter.  What's the best color to jazz up a blue and white nautical bedroom?  Red!

Case Study #3: the plan is simple and I love the classic and stylish blackboard/chalk illustration.  It is not a new idea but this white wall is totally liven up by stacking three red clocks on top on each other!  This vignette can totally be my home office.

Love this desk lamp with black shade and vintage lamp + books as accessories.

Even the signature stables at The Bay are given a new twist.  Check out these pillows and duvet covers!  If you're looking for a rustic and inexpensive DIY headboard idea, here is an inspiration.

A gourmet lunch, casual dining area is also added to the lower floor of The Bay.  I haven't check out the food yet but the decor is certainly delicious!  White high gloss floor, carrara marbles on walls, stained untreated wood sign telling you the breads are baked fresh daily, how can you not fall in love with the place?

Love the rustic wood panels and the industrial inspired pendants!

Again I am banana crazy about the blackboard wall mural and these fantastic pendants!  Karen Sealy (host of SummerHome) did a similar one using the client's vintage glass jars.  I am now itching to try this simple, inexpensive DIY soon!

Oh the O&B Artisan: so stylish and sophisticated.  Even if you're not into chocolates and cookies, you would still be drawn to check them out.

Tasty chocolate bar (can also use for cooking) and my new favourite cookies.

Just couldn't get enough of this space ... and man I want one of those brushed aluminum pendants for my dining room! Perhaps a private illy coffee station in the kitchen as well?

Dreaming aside, you may wonder how did The Bay go through such dramatic transformation?  Well, the talented Mr. Arren Williams is now the Creative Director of Home Fashion at The Bay!  Do you also want to check out Arren's own house? Lets Arren walks you through his living room and eat-in kitchen:

The fantastic transformation of AW's home was featured in House & Home.   Come back next week for the magazine features and my thoughts on Arren's ingenious design solutions!


  1. Wow, I had no idea that The Bay's Queen Street store has undergone such a transformation. I can't wait to check it out, maybe I'll take a walk downtown tomorrow!!

  2. I was in on Friday, and though the transformation has been done slowly in stages I feel like it is finally starting to evoke that "wow" feeling that you get when you walk into a Bloomingdales or Saks dept store in the NYC (or at least I get that feeling). Good feature.