Thursday, September 8, 2011

Found Picker: Tommy Smythe

If you are Tommy's follower on Twitter or his fan on Facebook, you probably know by now that Tommy is the newest guest picker for a fantastic online store, Found.  The brains behind Foundstyle are three talented ladies, two stylists + one interior designer, together accumulated too many incredible finds for their projects and overloaded their storage lockers.  What does that all mean? Well, the ladies have opened their doors for us to pick through their hand-selected one of a kind treasure!  Talking about hiring a designer and two stylists to hunt goodies for you at a steal!  

I love the hand-drawn images of the store and the ladies.  Very unique, very chic!  Outshining many other online stores, the images and items on Found are well-edited and fantastically styled/photographed.  Don't believe me, check out these vignettes!

Prices at Found are very affordable, especially for them being one-of-a-kind treasures. My love affair with chairs has me drawn to this grouping of chair renderings, while these gold leaf dishes (and those little acorns) remind me of our great outdoors! 

Now how chic are these rope in jar and check out these vintage linen with blue stripe!

Now back to Found first guest picker, Tommy Smythe.

These two images from one of Tommy's old apartments (small but absolutely stunning and ingenious space planning) serve as hints of what Tommy has found: handsome, graphic, newly traditional, masculine and memorable.  Very well said Ladies!   

Here is the fun part.  Tommy's finds were official available for us to "pick" starting 8:40am EST on September 7th.  I was so going to beat the crowd to score Tommy's beyond fab red + white zigzag quilt!  So determined that I actually first started refreshing the page at 12am!  Unfortunately my iphone decided to work against me and only showing me all the other items but not the quilt.  Before I could figure out where the quilt was listed, it was perfectly sold by 8:46am!  Most of Tommy's finds were gone within an hour.

Lets check out some of my personal favourites:  the oh-so-lovely quilt and this tartan blanket is perfect to keep us warm in those cool nights.

Too bad I don't have a dog, otherwise this doggie dish would be on its way to me.  Check out this fun fox door knocker!  Got to love Tommy for his sense of humor and how that translates into his finds.

A fab turkish coffee set will surely induce great conversation with friends and the horn cups are not only perfect to hold pencil in a chic home office but also a fantastic vase alternative for flowers.

Are you addicted to Found yet?  I am totally hooked!  You can also check out their blog, Found Style, for the ladies' latest adventures! 


  1. Woooah! How did I not know about this!!!? There goes my bank account.

  2. Loved the site! Sorry you missed that red and white treasure.