Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Impressional with Fieldstone Windows

When it comes to decorating, many of us focuses on the interior of our homes.  The window treatment, the color of the doors, satin nickel or polished chrome for the hardware and handles, and the list continues.  However, when it comes to the exterior of our homes, the very first impression we give to our guests, we often "stay put" with what we inherited or attempt minor cosmetic touches to boost the curb appeal.

Thanks to the fantastic window makeover at Lindsay's lovely home, I was inspired to look more into the style and quality of the first line of defense to our homes: windows and exterior doors.  Just like any good one renovation, you need a reliable person to do the job right so you won't make an appearance on Holmes on Homes.  Who else is more qualified for my first lesson on windows and doors other than Ken Simpson from Fieldstone Windows!  He is the trusty person who installed those beautiful windows at Lindsay's place and the man behind many windows and doors at Sarah's projects!   

I arrived on a sunny Saturday and was greeted by my favourite window style (yes, Lindsay and Sarah both used the casement).  I love that Ken painted the exterior of his showroom in a sophisticated grey.

Ken gave me a very thorough and informative crash course on windows and doors.  Let me share with you what I've learned in two hours.  For windows, there are mainly two materials for residential application: wood or vinyl.  Both materials are equal when it comes to insulation value and since Ken's windows are custom, no matter what style you pick, Ken can make them in either materials.  When it comes to color, the exterior frame of the windows can also be custom to whatever your heart desires.   

A couple of things you need to consider when deciding between wood vs. vinyl.  

One advantage wood has over vinyl is that when it comes to the "inside frame" of the windows, you are only limited by your fan deck and Ken can have your windows custom sprayed.  This option is not available for vinyl.  I personally like my "interior" windows white or cream, so the lower price point and easy maintenance would probably sway me toward vinyl. You can read Lindsay's comprehensive analysis here.

This is my future window: 

The style of the casement lends itself to hardware with a heritage flair.  You all know I'm a sucker for vintage touches and this oil rubbed iron collection got my vote!  This locking system may look small, but with a lift of the handle, the window is securely locked at 3 separate points!    

If you prefer a single or double hung window instead of the one that rolls out, Ken also has these good looking hardware for you!  I couldn't help but noticed this cute little hardware on the side of the window.  This hardware actually allows you to flip the window inside out, so you can clean the exterior of your window with a push of a button, literally.  

Now do you love the stained class windows you inherited at your Victorian homes but just couldn't stand the constant draft?  At Fieldstone Windows, Ken can replicate the extra design and then have the stained class sandwiched between two clear window panes.  Taking about combining beauty and function.


I also love black window frames, especially if they lead my eyes to a gorgeous garden such as this living room by Sarah.  Not many houses come with incredible windows like our inspirational shot, but Ken can mimic the look for the design you want.

I'm sure we all love these windows at Sarah's Farm house and you probably think they have a round top inside as well.  As you can see in the photo on the right, the interior frame of the window is actually square and that, my friend, is a specialty at Fieldstone Windows. 

I also checked out the doors at Ken's showroom.  I like this door for its simple, elegant lines, and of course the brushed nickel locking system.

You may wonder if it is a practical choice for using a glass door at the front of your house.  All the glass panels at Ken's doors are tempered and double paned for added security.  Similar to the locking system at my favourite window, this door also features a three point locking system with a left of the handle.

Do you like this country style wooden door?  Believe it or not, this is not wood!  This door is made out of fiberglass and check out some of the paint options!  

Just like faucet in kitchen and bathroom, door handle is the jewel to doors!  I love these simple, sleek locking systems and door handles from Emtek Decorative Hardware.  Brushed, polished, or oil rubbed, the choice is yours!

Now how many of us still have those brass round handles in our house? Check out these fantastic round, square, or oxagon options at Fieldstone Windows!

Sure I was there to check out doors and windows but hey, how could I not notice the moulding on the walls, and almost fainted when I saw that incredible ceiling!!  Wait, aren't these the Chole chairs by Sarah in classic blue and taupe?

As the "super fan" of Sarah, I have to say Ken surely is right behind me claiming the title.  Check out these framed photos of Sarah's projects!  He even got them signed by Sarah!

Thanks Ken for spending almost two hours walking me through the different options and elements to consider when deciding on doors and windows.  This, my friend, is my future front door!

The Federal government is offering a rebate towards home energy renovation, and an energy audit is required for the application.  For a limited time, Ken is offering his customers the energy audit free of charge (value of $400) when placing the order.  To find out more, contact Ken for an appointment. 

One last thing, I couldn't help but noticed this fantastic house behind Ken's showroom: I bet the windows and doors came from Fieldstone Windows!


  1. Great article Tim! Door color is also very important!!

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