Sunday, September 25, 2011

Builder's Dream: Style Garage edition

At the Builder's Dream project, our blank canvas needs wall coverings, lighting, and of course furnishing.  Style Garage and Gus* have always been my go to spots for well-designed, good quality pieces at reasonable prices.  When furnishing my own place, Style Garage custom a media unit to fit my TV nook and I scored a fantastic credenza with concrete top as dresser in my bedroom.

With a tight budget and no existing furniture at hand, I took ChrisB and Joe to Style Garage and Gus* to select and test drive their favourite sofas and chairs during the Summer so we are ready on one very special day: Sample Sales at Style Garage!  You have read about my survival guide of the Gus* warehouse sale in Spring and the  #1 rule was to arrive early.  Chris B and Joe (reluctantly) arrived at 4:30am to secure the second spot.  Yes, you read it right, the first group was there at 3:30am!  This was the line up at 7:15am during my coffee run.  

The trucks arrived: what an exciting moment.  Three truckloads of furniture (filled to the max) were about to unveiled and we were all very eager to see if our dream pieces made it to the sample list.

It was all hands on deck at Style Garage with all the staff racing against the clock to get all the pieces off the trucks and set up on site.  

Is that a Bathurst credenza in walnut? Lets zoom in with my camera to find out and here is tip# 2 at its best.  Since the sale was set up in the parking lot and we were at 2nd spot, we got the "privilege" to map out where our pieces were located and could run right to them at 8:30am sharp!

Here are some of the popular pieces: Drake coffee table in macassar ebony.

Neil (the owner) told me these chairs were prototypes designed for a customer done in solid oak and upholstered in 100% wool.  Beautiful line and perfect size to group a pair together for a lounge area.  The Pawn Stools were a hit at the sale as well. Macassar ebony, walnut, or citrus yellow, the choice is yours from $75 to $95 a piece.

Wait, did the guys just put up the Jane bi-sectional loft in soft grey? That was the reason we were in line for 4 hours and yes, only one was available at this sample sale!  Also spotted this Jasper Cube upholstered in grey forest inspired fabric.

Vanessa from decor happy told me she wanted the Annex cabinet.  She was torn between going to Aberfoyle Antique market or the Style Garage sample sale ... well so was I!  I'd planned to go to Aberfoyle with Jen, Vanessa, Pam, Amy,  and Christine until the sample sale email hit my inbox.  Knowing that ChrisB and Joe need my help at the sale more so than me + another antique vase, I decided to stay in town.  Anyway, so here it was: Annex cabinet ... missing doors for only $150!  The frame was in perfect condition and the tracks for the doors were in place.  So if you know a wood worker who can make you two doors, we are talking about over $1000 of savings!

On the left, the folks lined up around the corner could no longer hold back and had to come up for a peek.  The right shows what the scene was like around the sofas at 8:33am.

While all the ladies were at Aberfoyle tweeting me all their great finds, my sacrifice to stay in the city was well worth it.  Check out what we scored at the sample sale:

Score #1: Atwood sofa upholstered in hemp linen and natural walnut legs for $600!

I know it's a little hard to see how the sofa looks like with it's standing on its side and wrapped in plastic. Lets meet Atwood the sofa.  I love the tufted details and how the walnut frame runs around the bottom of the sofa.

Score #2:  Jane Bi-Sectional Loft sofa: Yes we got it for $1,100!  There was a fight over it with the couple right behind us, but Joe got there first and secured the piece.  A shot of ChrisB and Joe sitting happily on the floor model in Gus*.

Score #3: this is the unexpected find.  The living room plan (which you will see next week) includes two chairs.  I have been looking at different chair options and then we came across the truss chair at the sample sale.  Well this one was in the showroom but you got the idea.  Too bad only one was available and we needed two.  But for $150, it was too good of a deal to pass up!  We snapped this chair up right the way and will come back next time for its matching partner.

Attention to detail is one of many strengths at Style Garage: attentive to customers is also one of them.  Knowing that most folks were in line for hours for the sample sales, a fresh brewed coffee station was setup (stylishly with gingham).  Loved it!

While chatting with Neil, he also told me they have included a picture of my bedroom at House & Home featuring the customized sideboard.  Thanks Neil for the feature and the big savings on our purchases!  Be sure to come back next week to check out the living room plan incorporating these amazing pieces from the Style Garage Sample Sale.


  1. Well done, Tim, ChrisB & Joe!! We missed you at Aberfoyle but your wait was well worth it - you scored some awesome pieces! Can't wait to see how they look in situ. The Builder's Dream is slowly turning into a dream house!

  2. I thought about going to this warehouse sale this year but I DID NOT KNOW you had to be there at 4:30am to secure a good spot in line! WOW. I would have been way back in the lineup. LOL. Looks like it was worth it though - great scores!

  3. Thank you very much!! Tim..!! i really love those sofas & chair in my living room!!!!! it's worth to woke up at 3AM.. hahahah!! :D

  4. Just reading this now. I'm so glad there wasn't an Annex cabinet (with doors) as I would have been upset that I chose Aberfoyle. Your friend's got an amazing deal - love the sofa!
    Didn't realize that was your bedroom in the H&H photo even though I have seen your room in person. I saw it on the site but didn't connect the dots. That is so cool!

  5. Wow, I can't believe how many great deals you guys scored at this sale!! You all deserve it for getting there so early, I'm not sure I could do that. Congrats on so many gorgeous pieces!

  6. Great deals and I think the most difficult type of renovation project would be a total remodel, this involves starting from scratch.

  7. Thanks everyone! Yes we had lots of fun and can't believe the deals we got!! Definitely recommending all of you to go line up early if you are looking for sofa or crendenza!

    Sorry I missed aberfoyle but I will be there next time!

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