Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Home Special + Giveaways!

Did you enjoy the first season of Summer Home with Karen Sealy? I loved the show and by now your should too!  Out of all of the episodes, I loved Karen's Bunkie the best.  The bunkie of course was fantastically designed.  What got me was the personal appeal and the reaction from her parents.  In this episode, Karen also showed us a couple of rooms in her main cottage.  So I checked out Sealy Design Inc and found more pictures of Karen's cozy cottage with an edgy flair.

This modern log cabin features a kitchen with stainless steels appliances and floor to ceiling cabinetry for maximum storage.  The durable, low maintenance, and gorgeous countertop provides plenty of spaces for food prep and a bottle of wine (or two).  My personal favourite is the pendant over the island.  It's light, airy, beautiful to look at, and acts as a wind charm!

This bathroom is a fun contrast to the warm wood tone in the living zone. I love the soft grey and warm white combination.  The cottage inspired vanity is paired with contemporary mirror and wall sconces.  The mosaic wall in the shower and the stylish toilet are yet another modern elements in this country bathroom.

I love the color palette Karen picked for the exterior of her cottage: a combination of greys, white and a punch of red.  What a stylish and classy welcome when guests arrive by boats!

Here are three clips of Karen's cottage reno for Cityline.  Enjoy!

I was also fortunate enough to have visited Karen's design studio last week and took a couple of shots of this gorgeous kitchen inside the design hub.  Love the grayish blue cabinets and this intricate mosaic backsplash with a daisy motif.

Trying hard not to look like a "tourist", I put my camera away quickly.  This couch house is beautiful and I've found a couple of images (via Sealy Design) to share with you.  Such an inspiring place to work ...  no wonder Karen's projects are always spectacular!

Still didn't get enough of Karen's design studio, I went for more digging and found this fun clip from youtube by RTR Media Inc.

I haven't told you yet why I was at Karen's studio and don't I have something exciting for you: I was there to pick up 5 fabulous giveaway packages Karen put together for 5 lucky viewers!

What is in these Summer-inspired blue felt totes you wonder?  Karen has thoughtfully selected all the goodies that are essential for your cottage needs including: aromatic tea light candles and A glass holder filled with delicate white shells.  Perfect for relaxation and ambience.

Dig It, a green and environmentally sustainable company in Canada, has also provided superior UV protection sunglasses and dirt and moisture resistant gloves for all your gardening and DIY protections.  To make sure you're shielded from bug bites, Dig it also included these bug repellent patches.

Now for your chance to win one of the five gift bags generously sponsored by Karen and Dig It, drop me a comment of your #1 tip from Karen in her first season of Summer Home.  You can read about my favourites here and here.  These are tips from Karen:

Next time when you drive around town and see one of these signs, you may want to ask the owners if they would let you check out Karen's handy work.  They may just welcome you in if you walk up with a Sealy Slammer (image via eatliveshop).


  1. Great cottage, and I also love the colours chosen for the exterior. I'm not usually one for white, as you well know, but a lot of these rooms that feature white seem fresh, natural, and inviting. I think it is the combination of white with the wooden beams that most appeals to me. ;)

  2. Hey Tim, my favourite tip from Karen is to use practical and less expensive fabric for larger areas and delicate/pricey fabrics as accents. I will keep this tip in mind as I renovate my rooms this year.

  3. My favourite tip from Karen is to check before buying vintage pieces to make sure they are solid and worthy for reupholstery. Thanks!


  4. I love Karen's style, especially the red in the blue/white/sand scheme. Red is my favourite colour and I am going to incorporate this in my bedroom makeover using her style for inspiration.

  5. Thanks for the blog, I never know the height to install floating wall units but after reading your blog, now I know. Here is the tip I got from Karen: when installing floating wall unit, keep in mind table height is 30", counter height is 36", and bar height is 42". thanks for the info again. Love your blog. Keep it up!!!

  6. Great contest! Thanks for the opportunity. My favourite tip is to use practical and less expensive fabric for larger areas and delicate/pricey fabrics as accents.

  7. Great Blog! And thanks for another great contest. I hope I win something. This is my favourite tip from Karen...check before buying vintage pieces to make sure they are solid and worthy for reupholstery.

  8. Hey Tim, thanks for this contest. I would love to win a pair of the garden gloves as I am getting ready to prepare my garden for fall. I haven't seen any of Karen Sealy shows but after I read your blog, you have pricked my interest. And after reading all the other comments, her tip of checking vintage pieces to make sure they are solid and worthy for reupholstery before buying makes perfect sense to me.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments! I love these tips too! Would love to give each of you the giveaway but there can only be 5 winners. The winners are:

    Scott,Debbie, Dylan, Vernon, and Linda. Please visit my website (top right corner of the blog) and contact me with your contact info.

    Looking forward to sharing with you all more excitin projects by Karen!

  10. When does Karen's show air on HGTV?