Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sarah Richardson: Edwardian Edition

I love older homes for the characters and sense of history that new homes just couldn't offer.  In fact, "older home" was on my must-have list during house hunting.  Unfortunately it was also on many other potential buyers' lists ... and I felt like throwing myself at wolves during bidding wars when competing with duo income couples.  So I can totally relate to Thecla and Garrick, clients of Sarah's latest feature at Renovation Style, when I read that they had gone through 13 bidding wars before landing on their dream home!

Same as other true old renovations, Thecla and Garrick had to go though the bad and ugly before they could get to the pretty.  In their case, it involved the discovered of major structural issue and experienced a damaging fire!  Talking about a major money burning fire pit.  Luckily they were in good hands as Sarah and Natalie were on board for the "surgery" and the transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

One thing about renovating an older home is that you never know what you will find when a wall comes down.  In this case, Thecla and Garrick totally lucked out when they discovered this fantastic fireplace right at the entrance!  For added grandeur, a hand-printed wallpaper was installed.  Totally in love with the staircase ... I would buy the house just for the wooden banister too!  Who can say no to that fun zebra fabric by Lee Jofa on a traditional chair!  Such a great way to breath new life into a piece of family treasure.

Love the light and calm color palettes in the living room with touches of blue, purple, and green via details such as ribbons on drapes, toss pillows, flowers and accessories.  I've always been amazed by Sarah's space planning.  In this case, the two distinct living zones totally maximized the square footage for entertaining (I counted for at least seating for 9!!). 


Crown molding and wainscoting were installed to echo the age and style of a true Edwardian Home.  A traditional wallpaper in muted tone by Romo was the perfect choice for this dining room.  Sarah and Natalie freshened up the old world charms by playing up large and small scale patterns in complementary fabrics and installed a dramatic lucite/glass chandelier with a traditional silhouette.  Finishing off the room with a contemporary dining table and area rug: the end result is a sophisticated and refreshing dining room ready for a fantastic dinner party!

The kitchen totally reflects Thecla and Garrick's desire of a contemporary kitchen with all the modern conveniences.  I love the gigantic island, the marble tiles wall, and the combination of closed storage and open display at the ovens wall.

This master bedroom is truly an ultimate sanctuary after a long day of work!  Love the tufted bench in rich blue velvet, the ribbon details on the pillow and bedskirt, and the blue grass cloth panelling detail as feature wall!

Love the floating vanity with his and her mirrors and sinks.  This spacious bathroom also equips with a free standing tub, a glass shower, and of course Sarah's signature luxe draperies as window covering.

Digging the fine balance between the sparkles from the mirrored makeup table and the rich wood tone from the full length mirror.  Who says the makeup mirror has to be tiny!  One thing I really love about Renovation Style is their commitment to showing us the before and after floor plans.  Not every magazine does that and for me, the floor plans help me visualize the space a whole lot better: not to mention what we can all learn on space planning when tackling our own renos.  

Call me crazy but when I saw the story at Renovation Style, a thought went through my brain that I'd seen this kitchen before.  So I did some digging through my magazine clippings and there it was, Thecla and Garrick's kitchen from the October 2005 issue of House&Home!  In case you missed it 6 years ago, here is your chance to catch it!

Interesting observation ... in case you haven't noticed, the painting from Marcia Myers was sitting in the kitchen's eat-in area at House & Home.  This painting has travelled up to the Master Bedroom at Renovation Style!


  1. Oh Sarah. I really can't get enough of this gal ;)

  2. Hi Tim,

    I too remember this kitchen and have it in an inspiration binder. I LOVE those dining chairs. Stripes get me every time. I purchased the magazine for this picture in particular.

    Great post. You amaze me with your ability to pull up clips from long ago.
    Looking forward to returning to TO. I will need a vacation from my vacation!

  3. For me the stand-out here is the juxtaposition of the mauves and greens in the living room, very sophisticated.