Tuesday, August 16, 2011

one20 modern

Let me start off by saying sorry for the delay of this store alert.  I'd meant to work on this post for weeks but things have been hectic lately.  Well better late than never, these are the wonderfully designed pieces I adored when I visited one20 modern floor model sale.

Love this dining room vignette.  It's modern, sleek, and playful.  I love how the wooden chairs and arch lamp balance the clean-line lucite table in perfectly harmony.  If a more rustic and craftsman aesthetic is what you're after, check out this Gray 34 Dining Table and Gray 23 Chairs by Paola Navone.

Although I tend to go by the rule that large furniture should be kept natural and add pop of color through accent pillows, but man. ... how could you say no to this gorgeous red neo sectional sofa by Niels Bendsten?  It's roomy, it's comfortable, and it IS sexy!

Not all coffee table plays well with this sexy sofa ... and this sofa has finally found its match: meet the Brasilia coffee table!

While we are talking about seating, check out this clear Giuseppina chair. Love it when designer takes a traditional design and re-imagines it with modern materials.  In this case, polycarbonate it is!  Also like these Steelwood chairs in red and white.  Would love to use both colors in a dining set to up the fun factor.

I also like pendants and these two are just so much fun!  Will use the black one in my own dining room one day.

Two table lamps with very different use of materials but both have an organic appeal!  Check out the Logico Tavolo and the Moragas table lamps.

Hope you enjoyed these well-designed products and if you are in the area, go check out one20 modern!


  1. Tim, I'm surprised you make no mention about the prices — One 20 Modern is one of the most expensive modern furniture shops in Toronto. It's the even-higher end version of Quasi Modo from the same retailer: http://www.stylenorth.ca/blog/2008/09/right-now-onetwenty-modern/

  2. Yes they were pricy but it was a floor model sale for up to 60% off, so the prices where actually ok at the end. It is probably not a place I would buy all my pieces from but it certainly a good place for a couple of investment pieces.

    For myself, I love to own the matte black pendant and the traditional "ghost" chair! Best of all, you and I also get a trade discount!