Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nursery: Behind the Scene

Thanks again for all the sweet, encouraging comments on the nursery transformation.  The room is incredible and I would totally have one in my own home in a heart beat (well maybe without the crying baby ... just yet).

This vignette features my classic DIY framed object as art work and adding ribbon for wow factor to a simple store bought table lamp.

Project 1: framed art

As mentioned in my DIY post on the girl's bedroom, anyone can turn an object into a master piece!  The trick is to find an object that "speaks" to you.  In this case, I wanted to inject some old souls to this baby room and when I came across this beautiful blue plate with floral motif, I knew I'd found the perfect framing object.  Of course I also paired it with a classic black and white wallpaper to mod up a traditional plate.

Good things do happen twice! I came across this cute little bird house at Polka Dot Kids on Queen West.  To play up the fun factor, I decided to pair the bird house with a cheerful yellow polka dot fabric from InVU (sorry, this has been discontinued).

Here is the finished product ... love how the little birdies echo the "feeding zone" in the nursery.

Project 2: table lamp

I've shown you this trick in my earlier post but forgot to mention one little detail: use double-sided tape instead of glue to adhere the ribbon on the shade. Yes, glue probably works best and yes your ribbon is guranteed not to fall off ...  but that's precisely why I suggest using double-sided tape.

So we designed the room for baby boy Jacob and baby blue was our natural choice.  Now a couple of years down the road and "baby girl Jackie" arrives. You may want to change the complementary color to pink ... Oh wait, the blue ribbon won't come off and now we need a new lamp shade.  Just a little trick to keep in mind.

This vignette also generated lots of interests: mostly about the "tuffit" a.k.a. "circular storage unit" and the magnetic board.  The tuffit was actually custom made.  It did take a while but totally worth the wait.

Project 3: custom magnetic board

I wanted to give the new parents a message board to put up pictures capturing all the treasure moments.  I also wanted the message board to double duty as art work on the empty wall.  Unfortunately, ready-made bulletin board was not in season at HomeSense in May and custom cord bulletin board was out of our budget.

A trip to Ikea had me inspired to combine two off-the-shelves magnetic boards and a fantastic fabric to create a one-of-a-kind message board.  Here is what you need:

I picked the doggie fabric (available at InVU and Tonic Living) for its playful yet sophisticated design, and chocolate brown was the perfect complementary color to the soft blue and yellows in the nursery.

At this point, you could cut the fabric to size, apply spray glue to the back of the fabric, and wrap the fabric on the magnetic board.  A couple of pointers:  (1) make sure you test out the fabric and magnets of your choice before reaching for the glue.  The last thing you want is to find out either the fabric is too thick or the magnets are too weak to hold a picture when it is all said and done.  (2) when using a patterned fabric, lay out the pattern on both magnetic boards to ensure the pattern does match up.  Afterall, you don't want to wrap the fabrics around the boards and then find out the pattern is not aligned.

In our case, I wanted my magnetic board to serve as artwork and so I decided to custom a wood frame around the boards.  This process maybe tricky as you will need to make sure the trims and the placement of screws (to keep the upholstered magnetic boards in place) are at the right places.

It's a bit of work and Paul from Paul Duguay Antique Restoration did a wonderful job putting together the frame for me.  Here is the finish product!

Hope you enjoy this behind the scene special and that a couple of these projects may inspire you to try it at home!


  1. Tim - love this room! I love how you made it personal with all the diy art! I'm also in love with the wallpaper!!!! - Emilija

  2. I just got home from vacation and have been catching up on my fav blogs. I was blown away by both this nursery reveal and the girl's bedroom. Love your style - so many little design elements that together make a big impact. The DIY art pieces are so unique and priceless! Oh and love that bulletin board covered with the dog fabric, great idea. I've had a swatch of that fabric for a while but couldn't decide to do with it and now I know!

  3. Hi Tim! You do great work and I always love visiting your blog for updates!! I just started my own a few weeks ago and would love your feedback: My clients encouraged me to share my take on event design work as I aim to inspire readers to take a different, more stylish and less splashy approach to their weddings and other events. Let me know what you think! Thanks!!

  4. Thx ladies and I hope my little products do inspire you to try some of them at home! I am not a very handy guy so my DIYs are generally easy to construct and so hopefully easy for all to attempt as well!

    Glad you all enjoy reading about the transformations! I surely had lots of fun working on them!

    @mairead! I read about your wedding and love the peacock details, the floating candles at church, the ghost chairs and the drift wood center pieces! Nicely done!