Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mini Makeover: Balcony Edition

Hard to believe it is mid August already!  I have been enjoying every drop of this hard earned summer and that of course includes dressing my balcony.  For many condo dwellers, an outdoor living space to call our own is not easy to come by.  And if you do have one, it could be those that are long, narrow, and not really functional.  I was lucky enough to have found my dream condo and it came with a balcony in decent size and shape!  Even better, this balcony had not been touched for years, which made it was a perfect candidate for a makeover.  This was the balcony I inherited:

My balcony makeover involved installing wooden tiles to create a pattern floor: the back bone of a fantastic outdoor living space.  For added interest, I created a gap next to the railing and filled it with smooth river rocks.  This trail of river rocks is not only beautiful but also allows me to place solar lighting at the edge of my balcony for ambience and needed lighting while entertaining in the evening.  The rasin outdoor furniture were a steal from Loblaws.  I was not too crazy about the beige cushions that came with the loveseat and the chair.  A trip to Wesley Seto Designs, I got a whole new set of cushions in chic blue and white theme.  This was my balcony last year!

In case you didn't notice, I did say this was my balcony "last year".  If you are like me, you are probably constantly inspired by fabrics, colors, and patterns.  Though many of us are more conservative when it comes to decorating our interior spaces, I certainly take a bolder route for my outdoor space.  Afterall, it's for Summer living we are talking about and to me, Summer is all about colors!  Re-decorating doesn't have to be pricy either.  For this mini makeover, I will show you how you can get a "brand new" balcony with just gorgeous fabrics from InVU and Designer Fabrics

Before I show you how my balcony looks like this year, my pillow plans will give you a taste of the color scheme I'm going for this year.

Enough teasing, here is my balcony this year!

The garden stool was in the kitchen during the winter months.  Now it's the perfect side table next to my gorgeous loveseat.  Can't find an outdoor rug in the size and color you are looking for?  Make one!  I started off by finding this lovely stripe fabrics in the outdoor section.  I strongly recommend you using outdoor fabrics since they have been treated to be sun, stain, and water resistant, and they are more durable for wear and tear.  To make it feels more like a rug, I also added a piece of carpet underpad underneath.   

These moroccan lanterns can be fairly pricey at designer stores.  I saw these last year at Kitchen Stuff Plus for unbeatable prices.  The only downfall is that they were in an antique bronze finish and I wanted them in white.  A quick trip to the Home Depot and a can of spray paint later, I got myself these gorgeous designer lanterns for a whole lot less!

Here is how my pillow plans come to life!  I love how all the colors tie in together so beautifully.  With a bit of creativity, you can design these pillows yourself as well.  My personal favourite of them all has got to be the yellow checker with gold buttons. 

Here are a few detail shots of my the natural elements I brought into the space.  I paired the faux lavenders (would love the real lavenders but my balcony doesn't get enough sun) from Ikea with mosses and these drift woods were picked up from the beach.

Love the texture and richness in colors of these river rocks.  Who can say no to this drift wood sphere from West Elm? Go get them before they are sold out!

Hope you enjoy my balcony and even better, hope it inspires you to re-imagine the possibility of yours! 


  1. Last years was great. This years is a knock out of the park! Fabulous details, patterns and furniture. LOVE :)

  2. LOVE this balcony! Especially the use of river rocks! Brillian!

  3. Wow, Tim, it looks amazing!! You are so lucky to have such a great outdoor space, it's perfect for entertaining. The colour and pattern in the pillow scheme really enhances the look of the space. LOVE!!

  4. Wow I love both! Too bad I was here during the winter last time!

  5. I love last years and this years is amazeballs I love that wood sphere!! great job!!

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I love this year's balcony too! Will see if I'm lucky enough to find another balcony if I do end up moving to a new unit!

  7. Great job! Tim, where did you find the grey/white geometric print for the seat? invu or designer fabrics?

  8. The geometric print is from designer fabrics! Love it!

  9. Saw your balcony in the May edition of StyleatHome. Very inspiring, thanks.

    1. Thanks so much! Here is the behind the scene footage: