Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid-Summer Special: Pottery Barn

We're already in August and you all know what it means! Summer is almost over?? NO ... at least I refuse to let that thought sinks in my brain.  Early August in Toronto means all the retailers are in full summer clearance mode and Pottery Barn is no exception.  

Today, I want to share with you some of PB's amazing summer products.  Have a look at this inviting vignette!  Comfortable sofa, colorful pillows, sisal rug with chocolate brown taping, a porcelain side table, and a rattan coffee table ... what else can we ask for! 

For many of us condo dwellers, we may not have the luxury of getting a full outdoor furniture set.  However, we certainly can bring summer into our home with these fab pillows!

Nothing speaks Summer more than a blue and white nautical color scheme.  For extra interest, why not throw in yellow as accent color!  With my bird fever still going strong, how could I resist these two?  

If you are looking for a more muted palette, check out these embroidered and printed pillows!

The coral motif also scores high on my list!

I've always enjoyed vignettes the PB staff create.  Love this feature wall!  So calming and serene ... exactly what we need to balance off our hectic city lives.

Now down to the finishing details.  Commit to preserve the environment, PB offers a wide selection of faux corals to satisfy our desires to own a little piece of nature.  For this summer, PB also casted their corals in cream (instead of white) for added warmth.  

If you have been paying attention to my posts, you would notice I am drawn to round objects.  Surely the potted topiaries were nice, but my eyes were zoomed right at these mouth blown glass balls wrapped in yarns.  These "fisherman's floats" are now sitting in my living room!    

Aside from being vase fillers, the fisherman's floats are also perfect for in those warm mid-summer dinners.

Go check out your local Pottery Barn location!  It's not too late to dress your home with more Summer accent and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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