Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Office: Indigo Edition

I always thought Indigo is a bookstore, my favourite place to get home decor magazines and birthday cards.  However, I started noticing more and more home decor items were brought into the store since last Summer.  I picked up a very soft and chic 100% wool throw from Italy at unbeatable price and it's now the perfect accessory at the foot of my bed.

Indigo has quickly become one of my favourite spots for stylish accessories at affordable prices.  For the nursery makeover, we scored this wall clock and owl bookends!

So I just finished my spinning class at the gym and had 20 minutes before meeting up with my friend ...  then I thought, why not check out Indigo!  Totally the best decision ever!!  Home office special (I refused to see it as "Back-to-School") is now in full swing at Indigo and the buying team has really outdone themselves!

You know Indigo is staging themselve for upper scale products when you see the lake credenzer from BDDW (and fresh calla lily in deep purple) as part of the vignette!

Now let the fun begins.  Check out this amazing owl bookend in cast iron finish.  I love its hand-crafted apparel and it totally reminds me of the bird bowl by Jonathan Adler.  This floating picture frame in a polished chrome finish adds sparkles and a touch of Hollywood glam.  

Speaking of bookends, check out these fun alternatives!  They come in antique silver, muted gold, and matte black.

I love picture frames that are simple and streamlined ... afterall, the picture should be the focal point.  These picture frames in natural wood finishes, paired with linen covered mats, couldn't be more perfect for those who appreciate simple designs and the use of materials in its purest forms.

And then I saw this wall ... and where do I begin?!  These storage boxes with  wood veneer base and high gloss lacquer top are perfect for any modern spaces. Also love this table clock.  It's slightly oversized.  I love the sharp contrast of black and white and how it totally works with the natural wood rim and base.

Muted gold is so hot!  I love the sculptural quality of these "cubes" and the gold accent on this cup (it also comes in silver in case you wonder).

I love, love, LOVE these glass display boxes with the antique brooze frames: they provide the blank canvas, literally, to display your treasures!

Then I came across this table lamp.  I've seen it in magazines before.  It reminds me of an high-end version I saw at the Bauhaus Museum gift shop in Berlin.  I would totally pick it up if I am not already the proud owner of a pair of Classic Tolomeo

Of course I didn't walk out of the store empty handed.  These are my scores at Indigo:

I picked the white lacquer top thinking it will be easier to cover white than red or black, especially when time comes to re-spray the top one day.  I love these wood spheres and this clothespin!  Can you guess what they are? The wood spheres are actually magnets (I tested they at home and they are pretty strong) and the clothespin is actaully an USB key. .. talking about a chic home office!

A thought came in my head: can it be that Indigo will become our Canadian version of Muji one day? Enough thinking ... you will have to start the car ... REALLY, before these amazing items fly off the shelves!


  1. wow..this is indigo? i need to get myself out there!

  2. I was at Indigo last week and saw some magnets but not those wooden ones, I love them! And I also saw the clock which I love too. LOL

    I used to work at Muji in Japan. Great store, wish we had Muji in Canada...

  3. Great finds! Love those wooden frames /w linen mats and those glass display boxes look enticing....Now I know what I am doing tomorrow - Indigo it is!

  4. Indigo (and Chapters) are definitely stepping their game up when it comes to home accessories! I always love popping in to see what they have! :) So much loveliness in there now - thanks for sharing. I'll have to brave a trip there soon with my munchkin in tow (hopefully she'll behave haha)

  5. @yoko: wish muji is here too! for now, we can go to NYC for a visit! Would love to go visit one in Japan and see how different the products are overseas.

    @designwali, dayna, and kerry: have you checked out indigo yet? Lindsay from Little House Blog had done it and she's in love!

  6. so funny I love them as well, I get my books and home stuff there!! I love to shop for their stuff online too! We have the same taste I also featured them on my blog :)