Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Finds @ HomeSense

Another day driving around the city and look at what I've found at HomeSense!  This is the good thing about discount one-stop "every thing about your home" shop, every visit is a unique experience!  For instance, I wasn't expecting a warm welcome from "Big Chill"!

Strive to bring us great styles at affordable prices, HomeSense brought us a weathered console table, a round mirrored side table as door crashers!

Talking about being on trend, here is a faux bamboo side table in muted gold for a touch of Hollywood glam.

My favourite table during this visit:  this little desk in a natural wood finish has elegant lines, hidden storage, and the fun "Paris" mark: perfect for a tight little space in your home.

Off to chairs. If you are looking a pair of upholstered arm chairs combining both beauty and comfort, this is it and they are on clearance!  And if you're looking for bar stools, these modern numbers with adjustable heights may just fit your bill.

Iconic Barcelona chair goes causal.  This time, it is done in distressed denim.  I'm still sitting on the fence on this one.  For me, I would still like to see this mid-century icon done in leather and would love to have a pair one day in distressed leather.

This fun, colorful suzani inspired ottomen with traditional wooden legs on casters is what I would love to put in the children zone.  It's soft so your kids won't bump their heads at the corners and the kids would love the color and patterns!

To the wall decor department and I love this mirror!  It's simple, elegant, and it has the beaded details!  Picking this up for a powder room makeover.

Fantastic art work inspired by the ocean on clearance.

And don't you love this?  It is so true and I have a story to share with you all next week.  Stay tuned.

Check out these embroidered table runners ... what fun and they reminded me of some patterns I saw during my last trip to Japan.

While we are on embroidery talk, knock yourself out with these stylish trendy feather-filled pillows for less than 1/2 of what you pay in other stores!

I love this refreshing take on a floral.  Would take this over the printed cotton in a heart beat.

Good things do happen more than once at HomeSense!  If I was in love with the last one, I had a major crush on this sophisticated one in onyx silk and lime green ball fringe detail!  Tommy has single-handedly brought ball fringe back to life!

I am of course always on a lookout for unique pieces to frame as art.  Here are a couple of my finds.  This turquoise cut felt owl is actually a place mat!  It's perfect for any crafty space or a kid's room.  I'm hunting for one in pink or yellow.  This plate with a lotus flower adds serenity in any spaces and it will be a great addition to my black + white bathroom project.

Looking for pieces to decorate your fireplace?  This branch with mirrors and tea light candle holders brings a sense of nature to our interiors.  I also love this parrot and the weave vase at the back.

Bring more nature to your home, here are a couple more pieces with great texture.

Of course I've saved my absolute favourite until now.  This incredibly comfortable 100% wool rug with a chrysanthemum motif done in pale grey and mustard stole my heart.  It also goes perfectly with this pre-loved dresser I found at a thrift hunt.  Best of all, Chris gave me the stamp of approval on this rug as well ... now that I don't get everyday!


  1. Love it! Which is the best HomseSense to go to in Toronto?

  2. Wow - great finds Tim. Did you spot more than one of those mirrors?
    Love the rug and look forward to seeing where you are going to use it.

  3. Ooooo, that rug IS a good find! Which location was this?

  4. Hey ladies, Sherway was were I found most of these pieces! Another great location is Warden and Eglinton. If you're in the Waterloo area, the one over at Northfield drive is just unbeatable!