Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girl's Bedroom: Behind the Scene

Thanks for all the fantastic comments about the girl's bedroom transformation. I surely had a lot of fun working on this project and since many of you have asked about my DIY projects (especially about the playful yet stylish chair), I decided to show you how a little creativity goes a long way.

First up: DIY Art Work
When working on a budget, we often ran out of money by the time we consider art work.  But don't be despaired: this poor man project couldn't be easier and what an impact it adds to any spaces!  All you need is an object you desired, a shadow box that is well-portioned and thick enough to house your object, a little piece of fabric, spray glue and all purpose glue = perfect art work under $30!

Step 1: collect all the materials and tools you need.

Step 2: apply spray glue on the board (came with the Ribba frame from Ikea) and place the fabric directly on the board.  Make sure your pattern lines up (in my case the stripes) and that the fabric makes a good contact with the board.

Step 3: apply all purpose glue to where the object touches the fabric board.  In this case, I used a plate with a beautiful butterfly and applied the glue around the bottom rim.  To ensure a secured bonding, I also placed a heavy book over the plate and let the glue set over night.

The result is a one of a kind master piece and it now sits perfectly above the rustic pine dresser.

Lindsay from Little House Blog also created a very attractive one with a London Guard.

Project 2: Table Lamp

HomeSense often has great lamps at unbeatable prices, and all you need is to add your own custom touches.  For this project, all I did to revamp this read-made natural lamp shade was adding some grosgrain ribbons: custom look under $5!

Project 3: Louis XVI Chair

This ugly duckling from Moveline Liquidations was what I started with: structurally sound and has the right lines/scale... all it needed was a little imagination.

My vision was simple: sprayed white and a new dress, this pre-loved chair would be better than any new ones in town.  One great benefit for going custom is the opportunity to custom finish the chair with fabrics of your choice.  These were my picks from InVU:

The result speaks for itself and you all agreed, this chair made the room!  Picking up Tommy's advice on occasional chairs, I decided to put the cheerful "pop flower" from Kravet for impact and this chair surely looks good from all angles!  Thanks Paul for making this transformation possible.

That's it for now.  Next week I will share with you my DIYs for the nursery!


  1. what great Homesense lamps!! I have been looking for ages and have never found a thing!

  2. Gr8 post! Love the behind the scenes tricks you share.

  3. I have the same chairs, thanks for the idea. Was it hard to do the upholstery?? I am a newbie at this.

  4. You just never know what you will find at homesense and just have to keep looking!

    Thx chris for the encouraging words! Especially when they come from the DIY king himself!

    @Liz, I didn't refinish the chair myself and instead, had it refinished and reupholstered by professional. Good luck with your chair!