Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frontier Sales Furniture & Home

Life as a blogger/ interior decorator, sometimes I just don't know what's awaiting for me to discover.  I visited Karen's Design Studio and was on my way to NeedleIron to drop off a pillow/drapery order, then a thought hit me: isn't Frontier Sales Furniture & Home in this area?  I've seen their great pieces on TV or their virtual showroom and just haven't got a chance to check it out in person.  Before I could pull out my iphone to google its location, Frontier was actually right in front of me.  Don't I have 6th sense or what!

Some may get scared by the number of furniture pieces the moment they walked into Frontier but when I saw this, I knew I was in for a treat! 

Within minutes into the store, I spotted this handsome tall boy on casters with mirror in natural walnut.  I may repurpose the mirror but I love this tall boy.  If you're in the market of an antique vanity, here is a piece in perfect dimension for you just under $200!  

This colorful piece just made me happy.  Though not my usual pick, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of details of the handprinted decoration.

Even the inside of the door is decorated!

Then I saw this solid table with an intricate cutout detail on its side.  A quick visit to the sprayer and a box seat cushion after, it would be a stunning bench at your entrance or behind your bed.  I also spotted this low unit with both open and close storage.  Maybe I will get 3 or 4 pieces, put them side by side and have them sit on a custom steel frame with legs for a contemporary media unit.

We see warm metals popping up all over the place these days and if you're in the market for a little Hollywood glam, this coffee table is perfect for you.  I love its simple geometric lines without being over the top.  

I'm always on a lookout for solid chairs with upcycle potential.  These two passed my "shake test" and would allow me to use three different fabrics!   

Similar chairs were also used in Sarah's show.  The upholstered arm chair was given a new dress and now sitting at heads of the table at Carolyn's living room.  To see more pictures of this gorgeous room, come back in September for more reviews on Sarah's projects.   

In Sarah 101, Sarah also paired a similar one with the makeup table in a master ensuite.

Now lets look at some larger pieces.  This handsome unit provides plenty of storage and the glass doors are decorated within intricate cutout detailing.

Wish I had seen this bed when I was working on the girl's bedroom.  This single canopy bed would have been perfect for the transformation.

I just can't get enough of brass!  Love this tall unit with glass shelves.  Tommy used a similar one in his spaces too!

Here are the pieces I really wanted to take home with.  Sadly I don't have enough room in my little condo for these fantastic pieces.  This Louis XVI inspired vanity table with mirror has fantastic details and is in good shape.  I've seen similar one in specialty store going for well over $2,000.  This piece is less than $300.

How about a faux bamboo dining set? This set comes with 2 arm chairs, 4 side chairs and a dining table with glass top for again less than $300.

So what did I pick up? This beautiful chair for a boy's room.  My plan is to spray it a high-gloss onyx to go with the blue/red/white color scheme.  As for this architectural print, I will come back for you soon!


  1. Oh Tim. This place looks like a dream. I could go wild in a store like that!!! LOVE everything you snapped photos of. Great eye ;)

  2. Looks like an amazing shop. Must be sure to google map it myself.
    The colourful cabinet reminds me of furniture I've seen in Switzerland.
    p.s. I have that coffee table with side cutout & wavy edge. I've painted mine white and I use it as a side table in my office.

  3. Next time you are there let me know....I'm not far! Xo

  4. Yes i love the store! Lindsay we should go check it out together soon.

    @Jordana, I love that table and I was also thinking of painting it white as well! Great minds think alike!