Monday, August 22, 2011

Builder's Dream: Entrance Edition

Remember my earlier post about buying a home from developer's plan and selecting materials back in February?  Without any delays, the builder lived up to his end of the bargain and the house was completed built by end of July!  Of course lots of decorating decisions will still need to be made to "customize" cookie cutter home into Joe's and ChrisB's dream home.

In this chapter of Builder's Dream, we are adding wow factor and the much needed first impression to this brand new builder's home.  We were very carefully during the material selection process to have chosen fixed elements in light warm gray to serve as a neutral backdrop.   True to many builder's homes, this entrance is missing architectural details.  This is our blank canvas:

I would never set out to create "a brand new home".  To me, it needs to feel live in with character and soul.  Keeping the couple's desire for natural elements and love of edgy industrial flair in mind, this is the mood board I put together for Joe's and ChrisB's new entrance.

Entrance - Joe & ChrisB

What's the perfect color to go with soft gray walls and dark brown floor you ask? Shades of Yellow and blue are my picks to impress guests the moment they step foot into the house.  Keeping the budget in mind, wallpaper will only be installed on the focal wall and here are the options: Mirabel paper in wasabi and Seraphine paper in Dijon from Romo.


One of ChrisB's must haves is wood.  This rustic Mansard mirror from Restoration Hardware not only allows me to introduce wood to the entrance but also reflects light, visually expanding the entrance, and adds character to the home.

You all have read about the faux bamboo bench I picked up at a steal a couple of weeks ago.  Here is an inspirational idea for its transformation.

To turn my ugly duckling into a showstopper, I will have the bench painted antique white for a start.  I will also add seat cushion for comfort and another surface for patterns and colors.

My first pick is the fabulous vintage plumes in Jade by Dwell for Robert Allen.

and of course I also fell in love with these two well-priced beauties from designer fabrics:

My thought is to use the peacock fabric on the seat and one of these two fabrics as the height of the cushion.  Will find a ticking fabric to pipe as well.  You will just have to wait to see this stunning transformation!

While we are talking about comfort, I will also add the Andalusia rug from West Elm for softness, pattern, and warmth.

Last but not least, we also have to address the lighting issue.  Builders are known for putting in the "boob lights" and we have inherited a few of those as well.  To rectify the situation and to bring in an edgy, industrial touch, I've selected the glass jar pendants from West Elm and the Etch light by Tom Dixon.

The easy part is now done and the real work will begin!  Come back next week to check my plan for the kitchen and the breakfast nook.


  1. You are brilliant Tim - love what you have put together! Can't wait to see how it turns out especially the bench.

  2. That's going to look amazing! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Tim - I love your blog! You have a real eye for design. Two quick questions - when you sprayed your ikea bed frame grey, did you spray each piece first and then assemble or vice versa? Also, where did you get those great little stools (cubes) in your dining room?

  4. Thanks Ladies! I can't wait to see the space transformed as well. @Rebecca, I sprayed the pieces first before putting them together and those little stools came from HomeSense!

  5. Tim,

    I love this entrance and the colours look amazing, I have had my eye on that fabulous wallpaper ever since I spotted it in a magazine a while back. Mustard and blue - yum!

    Can't wait to see it all finished.