Sunday, August 14, 2011

AWOL Square Foot Art Exhibition

Have you heard about AWOL Square Foot Art Exhibition? It is an interesting concept where artists create their masterpieces in a 12" by 12" dimension.  Though some may think this size limitation constrains the artists' "freedom of expression", I rather think this challenges the artists to "think inside the box"and the end result was a stunning collaboration of creative talents!

Installed like wall tiles, these 12" by 12" pieces lined up uniformly next to one another against the crisp white gallery walls.  Art work aside, I love these wood beams and posts in the gallery!  Would love to have expose wood supports in my house ... one day!

These are the amazing pieces that caught my attention:

This tourist in NYC by Kara Schuster totally reminded me of "myself" when I was in NYC.  I also thought this 3D inspired piece by Ray Cicin was edgy and fun.

I always like abstract art as it allows ones to form their own interpretation of the piece.  To me, this fantastic piece by Nadine Prada is a beautiful field with wild flowers in shades of yellow, blue, and violet.  Steven Crainford features a simple staircase with bright yellow railing in his piece.  It may not look special here but when you see it in person, the staircase actually looks three dimensional!

You all know I am crazy about birds... well exception for pigeons.  They often made a mess at my balcony but I love the energy and colors in this piece by Leila Cools.  While we are on animal talk, how about this block print on wood veneer of an anime squirrel by Dan Springer.

If you want something more intense and powerful, here are two pieces for you by Nancy Brandsma.  To me, these are beautiful roses ... and to Chris, he saw "thickened blood".  Interesting how couple see arts very differently!

If you prefer something more quiet, here are a couple of peaceful pieces that scream romantic to me.  These pieces by Jennifer Wardle reminded me of the Neuschwanstein Castle and palace's gardens in Germany.

For real 3D pieces, here is a tornado illustrated with pieces of puzzles by Josh Garle.  I also have a soft spot for small felt animals and this white elephant in this mystical forest by Gillian Holmes is no exception.  Unfortunately, the feeling wasn't mutual with Chris and I got a full "STOP" + "DON'T EVEN THING ABOUT IT" on this fairy tale journey.

Since my trip to Germany, I just couldn't get hot air balloons out of my mind.  I love this simple, delicate piece by Keiley Stewart.  I was so delighted to see how a simple origami balloon (something I learned to make in kindergarten) is now reinterpreted and turned into a sophisticated piece of hand crafted art.

Now you want to know what I really want to take home with?  These two were it!  I love their calm and serene quality and how they feature totally different subjects but to me, they so work together!  The pear is by Lula Ladron de Guevara and the boots by Erin Vincent.  Chris found the boots not very special.  To me, the piece gives me a feeling of comfort and calm: a feeling busy city dwellers dream about when they come home and take off their shoes.

I've shared with you Chris' thoughts on some of my picks.  Here are some of his favourites.  He seems to be drawn to pieces with earthly colors and hence, these modern pieces with block paint technique.

This colorful landscape reminded me of the view of Chris' grandparents home in Germany
and Chris loves this surreal piece by Ian Patrick McAllister.

Bold, intense color on left (I thought it was a forest fire) and deep indigo blue follows (a scene from "Outter Limit"?).

My good friend, the talented Scott Young, also submitted three pieces to the exhibition.  I love the energy and the execution of his pieces.  Sorry about the pictures but that's the best I can do with the iphone.  If you look closely, you can see the shiny quality to his pieces and that is because they were images printed on metal (available through posterjack): totally industrial and perfectly on edge! 

Best of all, we also witnessed Scott's piece flying off the wall during opening night!

Scott and I in action checking out our favourite pieces.

Thanks Scott and Hugh for inviting Chris and I to this fantastic art exhibition.  It was truly a fun night out and I was so tempted to pick up many of the pieces to form a focal wall in my home.  Sadly the couple of pieces I wanted to pick up were perfectly sold already.  Next time ...  I will get there early next time!

The AWOL Square Foot Art Exhibition is on until August 22nd.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should go check out the great work of our home grown local talents!


  1. It was a great night, and I am glad you both came along! I also wouldn't mind a few rough timber beams in my place. You have captured some of the really great pieces that also caught my eye, and a few I must have missed. This was an international show which attracts buyers and collectors from all over, and one that I hope to do again!

  2. Yes it was a fun night out Scott! Thanks for inviting us to the event with you. Your pieces looked fantastic and so different than the others with the image printed on metal!

    Maybe I will need to sneak back there for another look!