Friday, July 15, 2011

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2011

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is an annual event where talented artists come together at Nathan Phillips Square to showcase their creative, unique, and brilliant master pieces.  A visit to the show has become a "must do" for me since I purchased my first piece 3 years ago.

I was in the mood to "invest" in original art pieces and was very much obsessed with clouds.  I felt in love with this wonderful piece by Rachel Taggart. My first investment is truly adoptive to different room settings.  As you can it, it works perfectly on charcoal grey and equally beautiful with the Sariskar Maharani from Osborne and Little.

My second investment was by Laura Culic.  It has a similar quality as the first piece but with a little more colors.  I especially love the lime green.  To me, that hit of color gave the painting its punch and that was what captivated me.

Now back to the talented artists I loved at TOAE 2011.

First up is Britt Randle.  He applied a variety of materials, mixtures, and color mediums into his pieces to build up the base.  With his tools, he slowly carved and sanded away the base, revealing the layers of interests underneath.

I've always had a thing for circle motifs and this piece was no exception.

Cori Lee Marvin focused on watercolor in her work and I was totally impressed by her skills and technique.  I used to paint with watercolor before switching to acrylic, so looking at the precision and level of details at Cori's pieces totally inspired me to pick up my paint brushes again!

Sorry about the reflection. .. it was a very sunny day and this was the best I could do with my little canon.  Here are couple of pieces from Cori's bird series.

Of course I had to visit Laura and this year, she showed us her latest series with encaustic and oil.  I love the energy and the mood (and the blue of course) of this piece entitled "the moon and the tide".

As part of Laura's latest creation, Lake Effect is a series of 15 small pieces, each connects to Laura's time spent living at the shore of Lake Ontario, together forming a powerful, cohesive piece.  Love the texture and the colors!

I also adored a couple of artists whose put their photographs on wood and top with resin. Michael Krauss is one of them.   These photos were taken by Michael laying as close to the ground as possible with waves coming at him.  I love the dramatic and magical quality of his work!

Suzanne Ernst: her work also involves photography and mixed media.  Here is the piece I'm in love with: The Race.

Yes I know this is similar to the pieces I got from other years but I love these little hot air balloons.  Totally reminding me of the wonderful time I had in Germany in 2010.  Can't wait to go back again ... but for the meantime, I will just have to commission Suzanne to make one for my home (yes, I was 2 steps late and this piece was perfectly sold when I got to it).

Now if you're looking for something sculptural, how about an art illustration by Gosia?  I love the storybook quality of her work.  All the pieces were handmade by Gosia with polymer clay and wood.  Best of all, it doesn't have to be for kids only ... the following pieces would totally work in my own house!

With Chris' obsessed about nature, maybe he would even let me take this one home!

You've also seen my DIY art work with shadow boxes, so I am always on a look out for inspirations.  Noelle Hamlyn has created and framed these delicate nests in a contemporary and sophisticated manner.  Each nest was handmade and the process started with Noelle turning thin strips of papers into yarns, and then weaved together forming the nest.

I also love this raincoat!

These were the artists who caught my attention this year.  If you were also at the show, please share with me the ones you like! And if you were not there, make sure it's on your calendar for 2012!  Afterall, the event is absolutely free (admission that is) and it will be there rain or shine!


  1. Love the clouds and the raincoat! Hmm sensing a them! Have a great weekend.


  2. Tim, all of the artists you featured are wonderful - I love the hot air balloons as well! I have been to this show several times - it's the perfect opportunity to see the work of many artists all in one place. Too bad I ran out of time last weekend and didn't get the chance to stop by:-(