Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thrift Hunt

I've always enjoyed thrifing for a number of reasons.  (1) You're shopping "green" and one less item heading to landfills, (2) the deals are often jaw-dropping, (3) the thrill of finding hidden treasures! 

I'd shopped for vintage clothing before (dry cleaned 3 times before wearing of course) when vintage Ts and jackets were IT in the late 90s.  As the vintage trend moved on, so was my interests with thrift stores.  Thanks to Jen, I was reconnected with Salvation Army 6 months ago and have found some amazing pieces of furniture to up-cycle!  So when I heard Jen and Vanessa were inpsired by Mr. Goodwill Hunting and planning a  "I <3 Thrifting" day, I signed myself up immediately!

We met up at 10am at Talize and we were already in hunting mode!  Yes, we found all these in 20 minutes.

Here is the breakdown for you:
I scored this serene tea pot and tea cup set from Japan and this beautiful edged glass piece for a steal!

Vanessa also picked up a couple of items including her eclectic/mod cups and bowls with a floral and fruit motif from the 60s! And how could you say no to this sweet scalloped bowl ... Vanessa scored big on this one and I was left with the fond memory of "the one that got away".

We also saw these very graphic mid-century modern cup + saucer sets ... and guess where these are from? Ikea of Sweden and made in Greece!!  Just why don't we have these in our local Ikea Stores?

Our 2nd stop was Value Village (3130 Dixie Road) and these were our finds:

Vintage racquets with fantastic color and patina!  They would make great decoration in a tween room! 

Delicate tea cup and saucer sets with gold accent and intricate floral motif.  If you like this, go have a look.  They had a full set for 8 available, including both dinner and dessert plates!

Off next, Goodwill at 1224 Dundas Street East.  This store has a large selection of furniture.  Sadly someone got there before us and many of the great pieces were already sold.  However, I did manage to find this handsome coffee table on the sale floor. 

I loved the leg details and it even had a drawer with dovetail construction.

We also checked out some vintage artworks and spotted this lovely couple showcased in faux bamboo frames:

And a couple paint by numbers portraits of the "men's best friend".

This cup set reminded me of the red bamboo design on tableware by Ralph Lauren Home.  I also loved the translucent quality of this mini glass urn: perfect for flower arrangement.

Final stop: Salvation Army

I love period drama and also its architecture, so naturally I was also in love with these:

These brass plated candle scones were divined... but my true love was this vintage needle work!  I loved its design and colors: playful yet sophisticated!

It was absolutely a fun filled day for us all, especially with Chloe being there with us!

Jen, the ever-so-thoughtful, had also prepared a "Thift Hunt Survival Kit" for each of us.  The survial kit included bottled water, hand cleaner, and a "green" shopping bag!  Got to love Jen's chic packaging!

Here is the moment of truth, this cart carried some of our finds.. . now can you tell which piece had gone home with who?

You can find out the answers at Jen, Amy, and Vanessa posts!  Hope we'd inspired you to rethink about thrifting and what you're waiting for ... start hunting!


  1. Tim, probably worth mentioning that the I <3 Thrifting concept started with Mr. Goodwill Hunting, the delightful and very thrifty Rashon Carraway.

  2. Had SO much fun that day! Love all your finds. Let's do it again soon!