Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reveal: Girl's Bedroom

To celebrate my 100th post, I decided to declare July 2011 my "reveal" month!  Over the next 3 weeks, I will share with you three projects I've recently finished and let me tell you, the transformations are amazing!

For my 101st post, I will share with you the final reveal of the girl's bedroom project!  So you've seen how the project kick started and the making of the DIY bulletin board, now it's your chance to see the true beauty of this bedroom!  Here are a few "before" shots to remind you of our formerly diamond in the rough:

The original layout of the furniture pieces didn't provide the flow, the function, and wasn't very pleasing to the eyes.  However, a few existing pieces were in great condition and we were determined to make them work in the "after room".  This is the new floor plan:

By moving the bed next to the window, the radiator now doubles as a side table.  This also frees up a large wall for a hutch, which offers both open displays and the perfect spot for home work and crafty projects.  Our young client has certainly out-grown the little rocker and a new chair was in order for needed seating.

Are you ready for this? Here is the new and improved, delicate sanctuary for our soon-to-be teenage girl!

This wallpaper from Primetime was our jumping off point for the room.  Since our young client's favourite color is yellow, we decided to embrace the color and make this room bright, cheerful, but not juvenile.  Co-ordinating fabrics on pillows added extra softness, comfort, and sophistication to the room.

The extra surface now provides room for a vintage pitcher with flowers, a retro-style clock, a lamp for night time reading, a glass of water, and a bowl filled with treasures and jewelries. 

Here is how I up the wow factor for a basic lamp shade: add a couple bands of grosgrain ribbon and it looks like a million buck!

To fresh up the tall boy, we added a couple of books, a moroccan lantern, some glass and crystal accessories, and a custom framed art to finish the look!

Of course homework is of top priority (to most parents) in a kid's room.  Here is how I make homework "enjoyable" for our 11 year-old.  This hutch was in another room before. It is a beautiful piece but the stain is too dark for our room. I also couldn't bring myself to paint over the nice cherry wood ... not that my client would let me anyway. To brighten up the otherwise dark corner, I decided to put fabric panels at the back of the hutch. This was such an easy project and the transformation was truly night and day!

I also love this chair! It was a great find at Moveline Liquidations, a new coat of paint and some playful fabrics from InVu later, this Louis XVI chair offers style and comfortable seating for many years to come!

Love this Lily of the Valley tea set: a great thrifting find and it's perfect in this room.

A stylish Ralph Lauren desk lamp provides the needed lighting for homework, a mirror with a daisy motif is perfect for putting on earrings and necklaces.  A simple bowl with complementary colors offers a place for paper clips.

I love this detail shot! 

Now this room is truly the place to be for our sweet 11-year old client, and for sure many nights of sweet dreams to come in the future!


  1. Oooh love love love the wallpaper. And the colour scheme. So adorable! Great job Tim!!!

  2. What a sweet little room, Tim! Love the furniture pieces, especially the Moveline chair. Putting fabric panels in the hutch was a smart move and really complements the accessories (especially the tea cup & saucer!). What I love most is that even though this is a young girl's room, you've filled it with some great antique pieces and classic design which she can learn to appreciate. Well done!

  3. Great job Tim, the room looks great! I trust your client loves it :)... also, love the chair!

  4. It looks so beautiful! I absolutely love it! Job well done! :)

  5. It is perfect! I love the fabric on the back of the chair and all of the cute accent pieces.

  6. Wowee! Great job Tim! The chair turned out beautifully and I love the wallpaper. The lily of the valley cup and saucer from our thrifting day looks perfect in the room. Congrats!

  7. Super job Tim! I am sure the homeowner and young girl are incredibly happy with it. The yellow is so soothing and relaxing, especially with the soft fresh green accents. I like the contrast of the elegant chair with the rustic feel of the wood dresser and desk.

  8. WOW!! This absolutely amazing!! I agree with all the comments...love the wallpaper, the chair, the wood dresser!! Amazing work!! =)

  9. Wow Tim, you're such a natural. Fantastic!

  10. Thanks ladies and gents for your encouraging comments! I had so much fun redoing this room.. . of course there were challenges but what a great learning experience and I absolutely love this room!

    What I love the most about this project is the transformation we achieved with a small budget. I was challenged to reuse most of the existing furniture ... but thrill to see how the old pieces were given a new lease on life!

    As always, I love the play with fabrics and pillows, and the DIY artwork and bulletin board!

    If I have to pick one element I love the most .. . hm. ... I can't decide if it's the fabric panels for the hutch or the chair! The room wouldn't have been the same without either element!

    Another project will be revealed next week ... Stay tuned!

  11. Tim, you have done an amazing job, I'm sure your client was thrilled with the makeover! I love the way you have chosen so many different patterns that complement each other perfectly. The selection of fabrics for pillows on the bed are wonderful, as well as the combination you used on the chair. And of course the jumping off point, that fabulous wallpaper, was the perfect choice. I love everything you did - congrats!!

  12. Tim,

    You know I LOVE this room. For me it is all about that chair. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. So well done and beautifully styled too!

  13. What a wonderful room, Tim. It's so fresh! It's a room you can wake up in to tackle the world or relax, read a book and just ponder in!! Love it!!