Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Final Reveal: Nursery

The last project reveal for the month is the nursery!  Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.  The nursery is finally completed and is ready for our baby Jacob!  The project was fun and it certainly worths all the efforts.

My challenge is to make sure this nursery is gender neutral (the couple may have another baby) and can be easily transformed into a kid's bedroom in the future.  My goal is to keep it cheerful but not juvenile.  My friends had set up the nursery and painted the walls on their own, but felt the room was lacking excitement.  Next thing you know, an SOS email landed in my inbox.

To jump start the project, I turned to Sarah's portfolio for inspiration.

Before I show you the transformation, here is a quick reminder of the "before" nursery:

Are you ready for it? Here is the "After" nursery! 

The wallpaper focal wall provides us with a playful backdrop for our creamy white furniture to pop. An interest behind the scene insight for you. Normally the wallpaper would be the jumping off point and then complementary paint colors to follow. In our case, the walls were already painted and this paint color (selected prior to my arrival) reads pale yellow during the day but apple green in the evening. I was ecstatic to have found this well-priced paper at Primetime Paint and Paper.

Mid-century modern is the theme for the nursery, as that's the home owners' favourite decor style.  However, to ensure the room is timeless and not "space age", I've selected a rug with a traditional pattern and a classic farm house inspired chair slip-covered in neutral fabric.

Custom cylinder units upholstered in refreshing fabrics to add whimsy and softness, not to mention the extra storage and seating!

I love this custom magnetic board.  This is yet another proud DIY/ Ikea Hack project of mine.  Being mindful of the budget and creative in finding a solution, the standard magnetic boards from Ikea are now covered by this fabulous doggie fabric (available thru InVU and Tonic Living), and outfitted by a custom frame in a natural wood finish.  Having a similar magnetic board custom made would cost hundreds of dollars and I managed to give the couple a handsome piece of art + a place to put up treasure moments for less than $140!

A couple of fantastic detail shots:

Of course we needed to address the wall with the dresser.  A simple lamp was transformed with simple elegant ribbon trims, while a coral print in traditional silver frame gave the nursery a classic touch.

Another DIY art (this time with classic plate and mod black/white wallpaper as backdrop) and this pretty turquoise knob gives the simple dresser its wow factor!

A couple of shots of the accessories.  I love these owl bookends from Indigo, the wooden models from West Elm, and of course Mr. Bunny by Paul Smith.

Adding a vase inspired by Jonathan Adler's pottery, a cheerful yellow bowl from West Elm, a couple of books, and a scented sachet from pi'lo for a hint of lavender.

Delicate and serene artwork from pi'lo added extra softness and calm next to the "mama chair".

By now you may want a closer look of these fab pillows on the chairs.  I've designed them with different details on front and back for greater versatility.

Mama Pillow:

Papa Pillow:

Hope you all adore the room as much as I do!  The young family is certainly thrilled by the completed room.  Now I work is done ... and theirs have just begun!

Update: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Very excited to receive such encouraging comment from Mr. Smythe!! Thanks Tommy!


  1. Wow! I love this - you did a phenomenal job from the statement wallpaper to the pillows...really great and it definitely livened things up. Do they want you to do their whole house now??

  2. Amazing Tim :) It's a pity we live an ocean apart now.

  3. Great job Tim. It is a great interpretation of your inspiration shots, and I feel the room would be great for both a baby boy or girl, and many of the pieces will work well as the child grows older. The wallpaper is a little bold for me, but after reading your comments about the homeowners it likely is perfect for them! And that, of course is what counts. :) I have shared this entry with some friends and they all love it!

  4. that is one lucky baby. great room and i can see how it can easily grow with the kid.

  5. So beautiful! I love Sarah Richardson. Her design style is spot on. It is exactly me. I can only hope that when I have my own space (I still live with my parents) I can successfully implement her style into it, as you have done here.

  6. Thanks everyone for dropping me the encouraging comments! I love this room myself and would totally want it for my own house! Glad that Sarah and Tommy had done a varieties of rooms at their show so we can have many point of reference as inspiration!

    Looking forward to a couple of different rooms.. Then I am back for 2 more kid rooms. Stay tuned!

  7. Oh wow Tim - it looks STUNNING! I love it!! :) Great work!

  8. Awesome job Tim !! I wish I had you decorate my baby's room last year... where did you get those Custom cylinder units ?? I also like the clock on the wall.. when you get a chance, will you please let me know?? Please and thank you !

  9. Hi Yoko, the units are custom and the clock is from indigo!

  10. Tim, another fabulous job!! Honestly, when are you planning to quit your day job and start designing full time?

  11. Tim....fabulous job!!! How creative...I love everything about the room!! Congrats...I'm sure your clients are ecstatic about their baby's nursery!!

  12. Thanks Pam and Christine! They love it and I hope you all will see more of this room in the near future too! That's all I can tell you at this point :)

  13. Hey Tim, wow this looks amazing, great job and I hope they love the room as much as i do!
    I see that you used wallpaper, do you have any suggestions on choosing a pattern for the wall, ways to prevent a clustered look when using wallpaper?