Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Downtown Condo: Staged to Sale!

This week's makeover project is all about styling. A friend of mine decided to sell his condo and wanted to sell it fast!  His agent had a tour and suggested a "fluff" job could up the buyers' interest tremendously.  Knowing that I am a hoarder furniture and accessories (yes, I do have enough to fill up an entire basement), my friend sent me the S.O.S.

The goal of this project is to stage the place to attract as many potential buyers as possible.  Hence, the color scheme needs to be neutral and not over accessorized.  Afterall, the buyers need to be impressed (but not intimidated) and be able to envision themselves living there.

Here is the Living Room before the transformation:

The room is decent size, with warm creamy white walls.  The furniture are in great shape.  However, the room feels cold and dark.  Here is the Living Room with my personal touches:

To me, the living room needs to be inviting and cozy.  Nothing add more warmth and coziness to a room than a soft wool rug and a couple of toss pillows!  Throw in a pitcher filled with flowers, a side-table and a table lamp, the living room is now every potential buyer's dream!

A couple of detail shots:


The bathroom was in good shape.  To add some characters and color, I added a new bath mat with a geometric pattern from Ralph Lauren Home, a white vase with flowers and hand soap for a hint of yellow accent.


A bedroom needs to be a  sanctuary for the busy city dwellers to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.  The old bedroom is not quite "up to par" as a sumptuous retreat.  It had two tiny bedside tables and a desk at the corner.  The problem with the bedside tables was storage.  Without drawers, all the personal items were on displayed resulting in (1) privacy issue and (2) too much clutter.  Instead of showcasing the bedroom, the desk stuck in a tight corner high-lighted the fact that this bedroom is not big enough to house a queen size bed and a small desk!  Here is the "before" bedroom:

Now, the new bedroom has the feeling of a boutique hotel.  Not only would the prospective buyers be attracted to the beddings and furnishing in the room, but also the fact that this bedroom fits a queen size bed and two bedside tables! 

The pair of table lamps are in perfect scale: they provide the needed lighting and ambiance.

A simple framed coral fan above the bed as artwork (to compensate for the lack of headboard) and a serene toss pillow in shade of blue and green adds interest and needed colors in the room.

Removing the "home office" from the bedroom immediately opens up the space.  Once acting as a bedside table, this blue chair adds extra sitting in the room.

As you can see, the rooms have been transformed with a little imagination.  The only item purchased for this transformation is the bath mat for $20 from HomeSense.  You can do the same for your space without breaking the bank! 

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  1. This looks great Tim! The bedroom looks so tranquil and relaxing. Very well done. Do tell us when it sells for over ask will you?