Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deals @ InVu

The semi-annual sales at InVu Drapery Co. has just ended and I was there to check out the good buys.  Here are a few of the gorgeous items I saw:

I love these chairs: classic style chairs done in trendy and playful fabrics.

Coby's furniture line was also on sale as well and I love this oval ottoman.

This stylish polished crome concole table was 50% off and this sculptural chandelier is an instant conversation piece and totally perfect for any modern spaces!

Of course I have to check out their fabric collections and boy was I in for a treat!

Love this trendy Suzani print in blue/brown + green and this blue/white coral!

If those two are too dramatic for you, how about this handsome stripe and nautical blue/white rope print?

What's the perfect color to pair with shades of blue you ask? Grey and silver!  Or in this case, Platinum.  I love these two upholstery fabrics, perfect as the back of chairs and sofas to extra impact ... and well, making a statement!

I also like these ones from the other side of the color wheel as well.  Sarah has used the red/white geometic linen as drapes in Sarah 101.  So if you want this fabric, go get it before it's sold out!

Yellow and grey has been my favourite color combination for awhile and yes, my place is quite colorful for Spring/Summer 2011, but they will all be changed for Fall/Winter.  Here is a tease of what you will see:

I was inspired by so many fabrics during this visit but if I have to pick a pair that made my jaw dropped, these two are IT!  I have a peacock fever (in case you haven't noticed from my visit to Robert Allen) and these are strikingly beautiful!  I love the calming quality on this fabric on the left and the glamourious one at the right.  I would love to see it paper-backed and installed in a powder room!  Now I just need to find a powder room! 

I also picked up this elegant and stately chair for a guest bedroom project.  Love its line/shape and look at those legs! 

and I'm going to transform it with these fabrics from InVu.

As for myself, these are the great deals I picked up at the Mississauga location.

InVu is closing the Keele Street location (their last BB Bargoons store) ... and you know what it means, they are having a massive sale for up to 75% off at 8201 Keele Street.

Here is just a taste of what I picked up:

 Start you car and go there before the store is cleared out!


  1. You know that this is killing me - I am on vacation and wishing I was a lot closer to this fabric sale. Darn my sister for getting married at the end of July!! Glad that you found so many fabulous deals.

  2. Who is the blue and white herringbone by?

  3. Tim, that chair looks like a great candidate for a RE:Style makeover with Andrea Ford.
    I've got a chair to do myself. Are you game?

  4. @trio: enjoy the wedding! I may be willing to share some of my finds with you :)

    @Mary: will look up the name when I get the chair back from the Upholster.

    @chris: this chair has just been reupholstered by a pro. I did pick up another one and maybe I will attempt that with you @restyle! When are you thinking of doing it?

  5. Who would you suggest for reupholstery work??

  6. Hi Liz, the furniture refinishing and upholstery guy I go to is Paul Duguay and his number is 416-831-8697. He is on vacation until august 16. You can try contacting him after the 16th!

    Good luck!