Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chair Table Lamp

Chair Table Lamp, a quaint little store in Summerhill that's full of treasures.  Among high-end stores including L'Atelier and 1212 Decor, Chair Table Lamp offers well-chosen pieces at very reasonable prices.  Each piece was carefully selected by the owner, Kevin Austin, for its quality and character.  You may know Kevin as the DIY expert frequently contributing to Style at Home and here are just a couple of my favourites:

vintage tartan blanklet = stylish headboard

pre-loved coffee table = on-trend bench

and Kevin makes it easy for us by picking the fabric + color combo for your bench:

Kevin's store is also Sarah's and Tommy's favourite spot for incredible pieces.  While checking out Sarah's projects, have a look at the source list and you will find chairs, side tables, and sconces that came from Chair Table Lamp.  During this visit, I heart the followings:

Love this handsome chair: very well-made with intricate detailing and wood inlays, not to mention those graceful legs.  Only if I am in the market for a set of dining chairs...

Fantastic faux bamboo 2-tiered side table on casters with cane detailing.  Kevin told me Sarah used the same one in her farm house too!

While at faux bamboo, I love this cofee table!  Of course, it was also perfectly sold to another lucky customer.

How about this cabinet? I love the details at the top and the "Gucci" inspired hardware!

An elegant chandelier, would love to use it in a powder room.

Kevin also offers a great selection for vintage prints in gilded gold frames.  Here are a couple with the nautical motif.

Good looking and practical, these door stops are only $34.95 a piece!

Of course I couldn't walk out of the store empty handed ... in keeping with my faux bamboo fever, I picked up this gorgeous side table (made in Italy)!  To accompany this one of a kind table, I've found this chandelier on a yard sale!

and this bench from St. Lawrence Sunday Market and it must be fate for it to come home with me!  I didn't plan to stop by the market but there it was, the bench and a parking spot (at 1pm) right in front of it!  I will spray it white and pair with an upholstered seat.

Chair Table Lamp is having a clearance until August 6th!  If you haven't checked out the sale yet, you have exactly 7 days to hit the store!


  1. I've been meaning to visit this place for a while. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Awesome store. But my heart skipped at beat seeing the bench you got. I think I would have run you over at the St. Lawrence Market had I seen you with it!! Not going to lie, I would have grabbed it from your hands and run for my life. It's THAT gorgeous! ;)

  3. I'm really starting to regret passing on that bench this morning now that I'm seeing it again on your blog. It is pretty fantastic. How are you going to fix the wicker that's broken?

  4. Hi ladies, that is why I think it was fate! I wasn't even planning to go but passing by it because of road closure. The price is right and I know someone who can either put in new canes or put in an upholstered seat. I am more leaning toward the upholstered seat for extra shot of color and pattern. I think I will use the peacock one from dwell!

    Yes Lindaay, maybe it is a good thing you dont know where i live YET :)

    And to Derek... Thx for not taking it in the morning ;) did you not pick it up because of the damage?

  5. looking forward to seeing the AFTER shot of the bench !

  6. Hey Tim, Thanks for the shout-out. Always good to connect with another faux bamboo lover -- so jealous of that bench -- wish I found it!

  7. Haha... Believe it or not, I picke up another faux bamboo chandelier with 8 lights for a steal! Can't wait to see it redone and re-imagined! Fabric on bench has been selected and now on its way to me. You will have to wait to see the transformation but I can guarantee you will all love it!