Monday, June 6, 2011

Tommy: Tips on Obelisk + Kitchen Rejuvenation

This month at Style@Home, Tommy shares with us how to decorate with Obelisks.  I have seen Obelisks before but have no idea what they are called or the important architectural/monumental/ symbolic values of the stately decorative objects.

I don't own any obelisks (yet) mostly because I always associate them with more formal spaces and not too sure where I would put them.  Tommy taught us they are perfect decorative items on fireplace mantels (I love this marble fireplace mantel from Stanley Wagman & Son Antiques), entrance hall or consoles tables.  

Tommy also shared with us garage sales, antique markets, and estate auctions are great places to shop for obelisks.  Best of all, you can collect them over time and at different price points but together, they make a stunning collection!  I follow the same rule religiously with white vases!  

So next time when you come across an obelisk, have a look ... you maybe in for a real treat! 

In the July issue of Kitchen + Bath Makeovers, Sarah and Tommy show us how to rejuvenate a tired kitchen and take it from 70s non-functional to timeless elegant!  Once again, Sarah and Tommy showed us beautiful places need not be to expensive.  With a bit of imagination and lots of creativity (and some elbow grease, if you're doing the work yourself), your dated kitchen can look brand new at a very affordable budget!

This island is both practical and beautiful.  By painting the island in an robin's egg blue, Sarah and Tommy added interest in an otherwise all cream cabinetry and a sense of importance.  Not to mention the added bonus of having a breakfast bar and plenty of space for food preparation.

Great shelves to display pottery collection to disguise an otherwise not so attractive pass-through, and a DIY desk area created by a staircase spindle.

Love the mix of vintage finds and new favourites.  Here a set of bamboo chairs get a new lease in life  by the the blue/white geometric print and a new chrome/glass table from Ikea is truly a match made in Heaven. Also love the bulletin board idea and I'm working on one right now!

You can read more about Sarah's and Tommy's projects from Sarah 101 and Sarah's Website for more inspirational ideas!


  1. I love obelisks. Have been searching for a pair in lucite...

  2. I will start looking for a pair myself as well! Good luck with your hunt Tina!