Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spring Flower Special

Summer is finally here and I would like to share with you of some beautiful Spring flowers I brought into the condo.  Before I am all over Peonies, lets me start with the first bulb to flower in late March.

Late March: Tulips

Tulips were my Mom's favorite flowers and for years, they were my go to flowers as well.  Even though they are spring flowers but in Toronto, they are accessible in both Spring and Fall and at very reasonable prices.

My preference to tulips has always been light-colored and multi-layered of paddles.  Consistent with my love affair with Peonies, I of course love this hybrid version: tulip peony.

These fantastic tulip peonies were from the St. Lawrence Market and for only $5 a bundle, they certainly were money well-spent!  Here they are on my fireplace mantel and in my bedroom.

Late April - Early May: Lily of the Valley and Lilac

I also love Lily of the Valley for its refreshing color combination of soft white and green and of course its sweet fragrance.

Lilac is also very pretty but unfortunately they have a short shelf-life.

Thanks Dad for the Lily of the Valley and the Lilacs!

Late May - Early June: Peony

Peony is my absolute favorite Spring flower.  I had been going to the St. Lawrence Market religiously every Saturday at the crack of dawn, hoping to get some peonies.  However, Mother Nature really has a mind of her own this year.  With not enough sunshine and  a wet/cool Spring, most peony plants were not performing at their best.

I finally got my hand on these single peonies in coral pink last Saturday.

And here they are sitting on the fireplace mantel.  I love how the coral pink ties in so beautifully to this wallpaper "memento" by Amy Butler.

Fortunately there was also the farmers' market at Nathan Phillips Square every Wednesday and I scored these gorgeous peonies in pale pink and soft white. They had beautified my office for the past couple of days and I wasn't going to leave them there while I headed to Muskoka.  So here the are, providing color and fragrance to our cottage.

Inspired by the striking photo series by Scott Young, here is my attempt with my little Canon:

That's my wrap on Spring flowers.  I will show you the wonderful cottage I'm staying shortly!


  1. Great Feature Tim! I must go to the market, because around me, peonies are 20 for a small bunch!

  2. Hope you did get a chance to check them out last weekend! They were in season last week and hopefully they are still ok by this weekend.