Sunday, June 12, 2011

Modern Chic: BoConcept

BoConcept, a new one-stop furniture store offering chic/ modern furnishings at affordable prices, has finally made its mark in Toronto! I first came across BoConcept during my trip to NYC in December sourcing for Mary's condo and we scored this perfect rug!

I am excited to see BoConcept opening its doors at the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood and certainly had a blast at its opening party last Thursday.  Tasty treats and martinis aside, let me show you BoConcept's fantastic showroom.

Love the Imola Chair and the "nature" teak stool doubling as side table!

I really enjoyed the use of bold colors for the dramatic viewing pleasures.  It is a brave move and to me, it is such a breath of fresh air when most showrooms are dressed in whites or light colored neutrals.  It also helps customers to visualize how the dramatic color schemes can work in their own spaces as well.  

Heart this Salon floor lamp and these oversized Buzz pendants: both functional (provides plenty of light) and beautiful!

We all love floating shelves and these wall shelves come with a walnut finish and three different sizes!  Another dining table and sideboard alternatives in natural walnut.

A modern living space warmed up by the use of leather on the Wing recliner and wood tone on the Volani wall system.

I find this wall unit absolutely amazing!  The clean-lined and modern design is perfectly balanced by the warmth of the natural walnut.  Best of all, you can customized it to whichever configuration to suit your space!

Bedrooms need to be calm and relaxing for those good night sleeps ... and that's why BoConcept picked white/soft grey walls for its sleeping quarter.  I particularly like the Rock chair, the Rondo rug, and the Main floor lamp.  

While touring the store, I was also sourcing for a couple of projects.  This Ross chair and the Folding table could be it!

So if you're looking for modern furnishings with a "softer' touch, come check out BoConcept!

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