Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eat + Play + Love: Cottage Edition

You've seen the fantastic cottage I am staying at, and now let me share with you our eat-play-love at the cottage.


The meals we had were amazing including bbq ribs, a beef roast that took 7 hours to cook, a slow cook Costa Rican dish for breakfast, a couple of homemade cakes by Chris, salmon with dill on cedar plank, and this:

The birds were brined in a mixture of water + orange juice for over four hours before being slow-cooked in the oven.  The skin was extra crispy thanks to the secret ingredient: Butter!  The noodle dish was equally delicious with lots of veggies.

Here is our chef (he was feeling shy) and our happy diners!


After eating all these oh-so-tasty meals, we also tried hard to burn off some calories and avoid coming back to the City feeling depressed with the few extra pounds.  Chris was out biking, running, swimming almost everyday to prep for his triathlon, some of us ran 5K on the sunny days and practiced yoga both indoor and out.

Other high-lights of the trip include sun-tanning on the floating dock and the 2 hours Kayak trip.


I was totally in love with what nature has to offer: just look at these gorgeous wild flowers!

This cute little bumble bee was hard at work ...  I love these shots!

And we all love Madi!

A trip full of wine, good food, laughters, and gift from nature ... Now that's what cottage living is all about!


  1. Um, how can I get an invite to this cottage??? The food sounds and looks AMAZING! Our cottage meals consist of burgers and more burgers, lol. What a perfect way to start the summer.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Haha.. Jen you just need to go with a group of great gay cooks and you are all set!

    Great finally meeting you tonite! It was such a great event!