Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antiques Destination: Marie Antoinette

By now you all would probably notice I'm not exactly an "antique lover".  Afterall, I like to print over old solid wood pieces and changing the knobs ... not exactly what an antique lover would do to "antiques".  However, I do very much appreciate the sense of history and the craftmanship of these beautiful pieces

Among the different eras, I particularly like the Louis XVI period where the pieces were delicately decorated but still masculine.  My good friend, Paul, who is also a handyman introduced me to Marie Antoinette in the Castlefield Design District.   

The store owner, Francine, sources throughout Europe to bring back the finest antique furniture to showcase in her store.  Armoires, tables, chairs, bergeres, mirrors, chandeliers and wall sconces, Marie Antoinette is your one stop antique shop!

Here are my picks during this visit:

I love this painted square back bergere from 1880s and the little golden "bow" on this arm chair.

Who knew they had "bar stools" back in the 1800s and I heart the checker fabric on this chair. 

Lately I have been obessed about these round side tables with marble top and metal rim.  For an added bonus, both of these tables offer built-in storage!

We have seen low dressers doubling as bedside tables in many magazines.  How about a couple of antique "low bookcases" with open and close storage?

A gorgeous roll-top writing table with intricate wood inlay ... and come on, how can anyone say no to this cute as a button chair upholstered in red/cream stripes?

Looking for something fun in the antique world? This little chair (you can't tell from the picture, but it's quite small and the back is disproportionately large) is perfect for a kid room.  I also love this antique brass tea cart ... yet another bedside table alternative. 

By now if you're wondering why I visited Marie Antoinette in the first place, here is why: 

I purchased a similar chair from Moveline Liquidation for the girl bedroom and need inspiration on how to re-style it.  Why go anywhere else to figure out how to redress an antique inspired arm chair other than a real antique shop?  

You will read more about the chair transformation but for now, check out Marie Antoinette!

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