Friday, May 13, 2011

Tommy: Tips on Coffee Table + Auction

In the June issue of Style at Home, Tommy shares with us his very own coffee table (which I adore), along with advices on picking "the one" for your home.

What's the right size? 

Funny I never asked myself that question when I picked my coffee table.  My own rule of thumb is to go big without overcrowding the space.

Tommy gave us a great pointer: keep 18" to 20" around the coffee table for traffic flow!

Coffee Table vs. Ottoman

With the "ottoman = coffee table" phenomenon continues to grow (mostly due to space constraint in condos and furntiure pieces all need to be multi-functional), we might have forgotten what we should put in front of our sofa?

Tommy brought up a very good point: an ottoman is probably too casual for formal living, while a coffee table may not satisfy the need for ones to put up their feets while watching TV in the the family room.

Of the three tables shown above (other than the one Tommy owns), the low captured my heart! Once again, it's proven that I don't just go for the most expensive one. What I really like about that table is the round polished chrome base and it comes with a carrara top! I'm a sucker for light colored marble, so it was an easy pick for me. 

Question: which one is your pick?

In the June issue of House & Home, Tommy and Sarah also shared their tips on auction.  With the Spring/Summer auction/antique market season quickly approaching, their tips certainly come in handy.

This budget issue also offers many great tips for high style with low budget.  Let me share with you some of these tips:

You know I love to shop vintage: a fantastic way to re-purpose or re-style a pre-loved pieces (often well-made) for fraction of the cost.  Inspired by Jen from Rambling Renovators (now reinforced by the talented Arren Willams above), shopping vintage at chairty shops has become a weekly ritual for me.

I'm also dying to try the DIY window blinds idea!

I also love pairing modern furniture in a more traditional space.  For sure I will try the moulding lesson in the future.  Also enjoy reading Michael Penney's theory on budget allocation: a perfect way to keep yourself on track, and on budget, when redoing a room (as if choosing the right pieces isn't hard enough)!

There are much more exciting and inspiring ideas in the June issue of Style at Home and House & Home.  Go pick up a copy now!

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  1. Not sure if I should have shared my fave charity shops with you... now we're in competition for the same pieces, ha! And interesting you should mention Arren - I ran into him at the Value Village last week.

    BTW, the suite of campaign furniture I spotted at Salvation Army popped up for sale at Frontier Sales in case you're interested.