Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gus*: Warehouse Sale

I've always been a fan of Style Garage.  Its design is simple, honest, and I particularly admire Style Garage's commitment to manufacture its products in Canada using environmentally responsible materials.  Gus* is the sister company that offers furniture and accent pieces that are elegant with an industrial twist.  I was out of town last Fall when Style Garage had its "garage sale",  so I was very excited to hear that Gus* was hosting its annual warehouse sale!

Knowing how busy the garage sale was last year at Style Garage, I decided to go line-up 45 minutes before the door opened.  The official opening time was 8 am and 30+ people were there already to welcome me.

Another 45 minute later (a.k.a. 8am sharp), this was the line behind me!
Without an agenda, I was open to pick up good deals for future projects.  Bad ideas!!  Most people came in packs and had only one thing in mind: divide and concur.  Rather than describing how cut throat it was this morning,  let me share with you the fantastic deals I saw today.

Looking for pieces in your living room, check out the Blake Loft Chair and Truss Chair at $395 (regularly $1,000+) and $250 (regularly $950) respectively.

How about the Carmichael Chair and Essentials Delano Chair?

Need a coffee table? Here is the Return Bench and Ossington Coffee Table.  Both at 70% off the regular prices.

The Lightbox doubles perfectly as a side table and the Stanley Console works in any compact space!

Here comes the big saving.  The sofas and sectionals at Style Garage and Gus* are known for their well-made furniture.  Of course high quality also comes with a bigger price tag.  Their sofas are typically priced at $2,000 and up.  The ones at the warehouse sale however, were priced at jaw-dropping prices of $900 and up!  These sofas were either floor models in great condition or brand new samples/prototypes with no wear and tear!  There was also a great selection of them to choose from.  Don't believe me, see for yourself.

Here are the sofa and the sectional from the Blake Loft series. 

Another unbelievable bargain was the Bathurst Media Stand.  In store, the piece goes for $1,600s and are you ready for this? It was $95 at the warehouse sale!!!

By now you may wonder exactly how crazy the sale was ... well, have a look at these pictures:

30 minutes and 35 photos later, I walked out of the warehouse empty-handed (mostly because I didn't act fast enough).  However, I was the odd one.  As you can see, lots of people were once again in line ... only this time, they were lining up to pay for their treasures.

Here are my tips for anyone going to the next Style Garage or Gus* warehouse sale:

1.  Go Early

The first person in line was there since 4:30 am.  You may think that's just insane to wait 3.5 hours to get into a warehouse sale.  Just think about the savings you would get from the sofas and the Bathurst media stands, it's all worth the wait!!

2.  Map It Out

One great advantage for being the first few people in line is that you could ask the staff of how the sale is organized.  They could tell you, for example the sofas are at the far end and the consoles are at the front, so you know where you need to go the moment you walk into the warehouse.

Different warehouse sales also have different systems.  Be sure to ask about that before the staff opens the door.  In this case, all of the items were price tagged and the price tag was your claim to the piece.  Unaware of this particular system, I guarded a Bathurst media stand, with no price tag but also no "sold" sign on, for a few minutes before the staff had a chance to tell me if there was on price tag on it, someone then already got the tag and the piece was no longer available.  Can you feel my frustration??

3.  Test Drive

Go check the store out ahead of time so you know exactly what you are looking for and wouldn't need to consider (1) is the measurement ok, (2) is it confortable, (3) where would I put it.  Honestly you wouldn't have time for that in this environment: you need to pull the price tag off the piece the moment you see the piece.

4.  Go in Packs

You also want to go with friends, so the group can divide and concur.  That's really the only way that you could expand your reach to cover all different types of items in the warehouse.  The reality is, by the time you done pulling the price tag off, waited for the staff to put a sold sign on, all the pieces at the other end of the warehouse would be perfectly sold!

 Not successful in getting any deals at the warehouse, I retreated to St. Lawrence Market to pick up some fresh flowers to brighten up my day.

Tulips are certainly in season right now.  This time, I got these gorgeous long stem tulips in soft yellow and peony tulips in race car red!

30 minutes and three arrangements later, I no longer remember what I'd missed at the warehouse sale.


  1. Hi,
    Do you now when is the next sale of GUS*
    Thank you,

  2. Style Garage usually have it in the Fall as well. Follow them on facebook and you will get the notification!

  3. Do you know if they arrange shipping from their warehouse sale, or do I need to come, truck in hand, to get an awesome sofa up the 427?