Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My little Tweetie had gone through the roof last week as two influential interior design events unfold in NYC.  As they all say, Spring is the best time to visit the Big Apple.  Well, May 16 to 22 was certainly the best week to visit NYC in 2011!

BLOGFEST (May 16 - 18)

It was a 3-Day Event where Kravet and Lee Jofa introduce you to the interior design scenes in NYC.  Not convinced yet?  For a small contribution ($100 for early bird and $150 after March 15), you are in for educational presentations by top interior design magazines, partying with A-list designers, and exclusive tours of the New York Design Centre, as well as the Kravet and Lee Jofa design studio!

I heard about BLOGFEST through  Vanessa from Decor Happy.  Yes, Vanessa was one of the lucky ladies who attended these exclusive events! Thanks to modern technology, I am able to find a few pictures of the fantastic showroom at Lee Jofa!

I love the bold colors and patterns in the room!  It may be a little more than my usual approach to colors and patterns, but in this showroom it absolutely works!  I love the checker walls, the zig zag rug, the upholstered chairs, and the little elephant side table.  Believe it or not, I actually spotted this elephant side table at HomeSense a couple of months ago ... oh why did I let Chris talk me out of getting it?!

The other side of the room featured a fantastic fireplace with full length mirrors on both sides.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those gorgeous chairs!

Lee Jefa is famous for its furniture and textile, and they are perfectly illustrated by this shot.  Of course I love the chair and the pillows: they look fantastic and they are in my favourite color combo of green/blue + white.

Thanks fellow twitters for sharing these inspirational pictures to the rest of us!

ICFF (May 19 - 22)

The ICFF (a.k.a International Contemporary Furniture Fair) is an annual event where exhibitors from around the globe showcasing their contemporary creations.  With over 500 exhibitors at ICFF 2011, you are in a treat for the latest in contemporary indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting, floor and wall coverings, as well as textiles and accessories!

Thanks to Online Design Giants including Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Design Milk, and one of my favourites "The Designer Pad", we are able to enjoy these innovative and fashion-forward designs from the show.

Love this grouping of Etch Pendants for Tom Dixon.

Of course I was totally sold when I saw these Beat pendants by Tom Dixon in white.  I do have a thing for funky industrial pendant and without a doubt, I am in love with this grouping of simple "cages"!

Love the contrast between high gloss white and polished copper on these pendants.  As for the lights on the right, do I use them as wall sconces or can I use them outdoor?  

If you prefer cleanline/contemporary lighting solutions, how about these sleek beauties by Junggi Sung?

I love this nautical inspired pendant.  Would love to have it at my cottage one day (got to work on getting a cottage first).

As you can see, the possibility is endless!  Here we have side table in bubble gum pink and innovative seating for two by Gabriella Asztalos!

And who wouldn't want a couple of the intelligently designed chair by Scott Henderson and this whimsical number, A Wilsonart Challenge Winner, by Dan Fritz.  I love how the talented designers from Dan Fritz reinterpreted classic design icons including the Diamond Chair and the Womb Chair (yeah I own one in Tomato Red!) and created the 21st century master piece!  Of course I love that one coral hexagon at the upper left corner.

I was also drawn to the nature inspired furniture from Manulution.  Their attention to details, the delicate mix of wood and metal, and their commitment to embrace the natural beauty of the materials are evident in their collection.

Trio Richardson, along with his partners from Rich Brillant Willing, was declared the "New Designer(s) Award" at the ICFF.  Many of Rich Brillant Willing's designs were also featured in Sarah Richardson's Exhibit at IDS 2011

Now don't you wish you were in NYC last week? I'm so booking my trip to NYC to attend BLOGFEST and ICFF next year ... and visiting my good friend Mary and her condo of course! 


  1. Tim, it was an amazing event! What was so fabulous about the walls at Lily Pulitizer is that they were upholstered! It's hard to tell from the photo but it was actually fabric. So gorgeous....


  2. Thanks for the shout out Tim! It definitely is worth going next year if you can!

  3. Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun in NYC! I will for sure consider bookin it next year. You planning to go again Vanessa?

  4. @Amy, those walls look amazing! So jealous I didn't get to see it first hand! Glad you all had a wonderful trip!!