Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday in Yorkville

One of the biggest motivations for me to get my behind out of bed and head to the gym at 9:30am on Sunday morning (other than enjoying a nice cardio workout with my favourite spinning instructor Julie) is the excuse to visit some of the cafes and stores in Yorkville after the workout.

The weather was gorgeous this past Sunday, which was an extreme contrast to the depressing clouds of grey outside right now.  So I decided to bring the warmth and sunshine back ... well at least to my blog.

Chris and I visited Crepes a GoGo.  This cafe was cozy, quaint, and it certainly transported us to France as we approached the store.

The music, the waiters, the chefs, and the art work: everything screamed French in the Crepe a GoGo.

On a sunny Sunday, what's better to do than enjoying the delicious crepes and lattes (in my case, apple cider) outside with the bistro table?

After our brunch, we headed to Anthropologie.  This actually was my first time visiting the store.  I had a pre-conception that Anthropolgie is all things girly and that's why I wasn't too eagered to make my way over in the past.  But I've seen the tea towels and knobs Sarah used her rooms in Sarah 101, I thought I will go source some knobs for my projects. 

And boy, was I in for a surprise!  Yes, the merchandise in the store were more tailored to the girls but I love the bohemian/moroccan/vintage romantic vibes to their home section. 

How you do resist this nautical vignette with a twist? The fishnet inpired wall treatment, the edgy chandelier, the mix of reclaimed woods and raw metals: what is not to love?

Who would have thought this is a change room? It almost looked like a turkish spa and would Anthropolgie consider donating this fun green bench for our Bloggers Give Back project?

Another detail in the store I love is this staircase: the combination of the rough metal frames, rustic wood steps, and the cable railings.  It will certainly be an element to incorporate if I have a loft.  And what an ingenius idea to offer the male customers a comfortable couch to launch while their friends shop in the store!

More unique and playful displays on the second floor:

As for the the interesting items I spotted during this visit, how about these beddings and curtains, they almost looked like growns to me.

Here is a mug for everyone and kitchen essentials for the chefs at home.

A closer look at this clock and more nature inspired plates.

You know I love birds.  These plates are actually plastic and are made for the patio season!

I also like all things nautical.  These magnifying glasses certainly made it to my "want" list.

Back to what I was actually in the store for: knobs.  Love the varieties of knobs the store offers and here are only a few:

You will find out which ones I picked in my future posts ... but let me just say I was very happy with the selection and would love to use some in my own home!

Just like the mugs, there is a hook or two for everyone in an organzied home.

The only question is: are you now hooked to Anthropolgie?  I know I am! 

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