Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road Trip: All Over the Map

As many of you know, I have been busy with a couple of projects on the go and I'm also participating in a fantastic charity project "Bloggers Give Back" and have designed a garden plan for George Herman House.

Working on these projects made me realized I love space planning just as much as the decorating component of the projects.  For my own house, the layout wasn't an issue when I got the keys as the spaces were well defined, and really all it needed was a new dress.  So it is certainly satisfying to see how the rooms get open up, offer better traffic-flow, and most importantly looking at its best!

Anyways, today I want to show you some good finds I saw while I source for my projects.  First off is Decorum Decorative Finds at Rosedale and I was looking for lighting:

Love these two fixtures!  The chandelier is delicate and it adds class to any room.  This capiz pendant has always been one of my favourites.  I love it when I first saw it at Jen's blog: Rambling Renovators.  It is sweet and certainly works very well in a bedroom.

I also really like this wall sconce.  A pair of them may just go into the front entrance of my Dad's house.

While walking on the street, I also spotted a cafe with these fantastic metal chairs and this simple feature wall.  Once again, it's proven that items with characters speak volume and demand attentions.

I am also happy to let you know that Style Garage is considering putting together a little booklet showcasing their products at customers' homes ... and guess what, my space will be in it!  I'm very excited about it and now all I need to do is to finish up the last piece of the puzzles in my condo and then I'm ready to send over the pics.

So while I was in the store to talk about the booklet, I also checked out some pieces in store.  These new cork cubes are my picks for a condo in NYC.  They are perfect in the front entrance for putting on shoes and they are also easily doubling as extra seating in the living room.  I've always been a big fan of the displays at Style Garage ... and how can't you not love this: cute doggie on a sofa!  Not only cute to look at but also proven their pieces can stand up to the test of your "pets" at home!

Loving this chair with a shot of vibrant green ... and check out the craftsmanship at the arms!  Too bad Mary in NYC probably prefers metal frames on chairs.

This is a potential candidate for Mary's dining room and I love these pendants for myself.  You may see one of them in my front entrance one day.

and boy-oh-boy, I was breathless when I saw this!  Totally stealing this look one day.

I'm also on a hunt for a 'comfortable' sofa as Chris has always complained my current one being a little small and perhaps too upright for his liking.  To its defends, the sofa works for me, but I'm also only 5'6".  So when I saw this vintage sofa from Knoll at Guff, I knew I had to head over to check it out.

It was a couple of inches bigger than I would like ... and while I was debating about getting it or not, the store owner came over to tell me another lady just drove two hours to check out the sofa and she just got here.  So guess what it all meant: the lady would have first claim to this solid sofa .. a.k.a. I was at her mercy if I want it.  This was any store owner's dream and of course knowing I was hawking over the sofa, the lady took it and was not able to bargain for a better price.

I was actually happy for her since I knew the sofa would be well-loved in her home (from talking to her in the store).  Being a true shopaholic, losing out on the sofa also meant I needed to pick up something to ease my frustration.  Luckily I was in Guff, a store full of fun finds:

Love the over-sized pendant and a great desk!  So in trend and all at very affordable prices.

These chairs with the metal frames were so comfortable and would be perfect in the dining room.  I also liked this teak chair.  It reminded me of the Torii from Japan.

Now check these out: solid teak side table with fantastic tightly woven shelve and this sweet mid-century modern tulip inspired lamp base.

How about these pendants? Bold and sophisticated or delicate and elegant, the decision is yours.

What did I pick up this time?  Well the tulip light and the brass pendant!  You will read more about them in a future DIY post.  In the meantime, if you are in the Queen East area, make sure you go check out Guff:

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