Thursday, April 7, 2011

Milestone: A Baby

When in my late 20s, I'd gone through waves of dear friends getting married and now I'm in my early 30s, they have moved on to having baby.  Needless to say, I'm not quite there yet to catch up with their life achievements.  However, I was thrilled when an email came asking me to be part of their next chapter!  Don't worry I'm not the God Father ...  but the room I help them design will be an integral part of many sleepless nights to come!

My friends Eric and Catherine from my university days are expecting a baby boy by late May and so the order to transform their spare bedroom into a nursery came fast and furious.  Well they actually have done some work themselves already and here is what they have accomplished on their own.

Looking pretty good and why do they need me?  They are running out of time and would like to take it to the "next level" in Eric's own words.  Hence, they enlisted me to take charge of their baby room.  Eric and I share the same passion for Sarah Richardson's designs and so here is our inspiration:

With my latest obsession with wallpaper, I introduced them to this well-priced whimsical paper:

It is indeed the perfect wallpaper for the room: playful, colorful, and it works perfectly with the existing wall-color, which appears yellowish during the day and greenish at night.

I like the ikea chair they have recently purchased but the back is not high enough for "head rest" and it doesn't "glide".  A trip to my local thift store had scored me this increditable diamond in the rough:

Hope we can find a new home for the ikea chair so we can give this beauty a new dress (like this one from Sarah).  I also suggested a papa chair for Eric as he will be spending quite some time in the nursery as well.  Comfort is important but to Eric, so is style.  Eric loves mid-century modern design (hence the George Nelson Bubble pendant) and so I suggested this Saarinen inspired Organic chair from Morba:

Now off to sidetable for a place to put baby bottles and a lamp for those late night readings.  These were my initial picks:
Realizing the table surface is a little small, I started looking for one that offers ample of surface space.  This is another great find for $25.

This handsome piece offers not one but two surfaces.  A trip to the sprayer, this table is perfect for the coffee mugs for mom and dad, also bottles for the baby boy.

You can never have enough storage in a nursery.  Since they already have this open storage from Ikea, I found them nice baskets fill in the openings.  For $9.99 a basket, these fabric woven baskets from HomeSense are just the doctor's order.

The wall space above this Ikea unit also screams for attention and for that, I decided to put up a store bought bulletin board and customize it with our fabric choice. 

This piece will not only serve as art work in the room (at unbeatable price) but also very functional for the couple to put up pictures and thoughts!

My other plans for the walls include putting up some hooks for hanging essential items and these ones from Mjolk are so stylish and sophisticated.

For their existing Ikea storage solution doubles as change table, I thought why not changing the knobs? As mentioned in my earlier post to Anthropologie, these are the candidates as our potential new knobs:

I also suggested this attractive and low maintenance area rug be placed on top of their existing broadloom.  

This flat woven rug adds visual interest and best of all, it is removable and washable (by professional)!  It is a lot easier to clean up the "accident" on this little number than the existing wall-to-wall broadloom.

And of course the nursery wouldn't be completed without some fantastic fabrics.  Here is our selection and you will just have to wait until the grand reveal to see how I worked them in the room.


  1. Tim,

    I don't know if you would be interested in helping someone you don't (yet) know decorate, but I need some help, live just outside of Toronto and could use your keen eye and great ideas. If you are interested, I would love to hire you as my designer! Please let me know at you . r. it at gmail dot com (without the spaces of course). Thanks, mc

  2. Tim,

    This nursery is going to be adorable. I love the fabric choices that you made. I have had a crush on that rug for a long time and just stalked it again today in the AS-IS section. You have made some practical choices for a baby's room too - a great night table is key and one can never have enough baskets. Did they order the JA lamp?
    Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. Thanks Ladies! yes and I can't wait for the pieces to come together and wrap up this project before the baby arrives in May!

    @mc: yes I do take on design work for people I don't know (yet). You could send me a message safely and directly from

    @trio: I love that rug too! Had a long debate of whether I should get that one or the one I know have at home (the grey one in the living). I picked the grey one instead for the color and the patterns knowing I will have a lot of patterns from other fabrics.

    We haven't finalized on the lamp yet. the couple have one now...which I think need some revamping. So, we will pick a table first and then see what lamp option we're going for. I almost want to suggest a floor lamp instead to give them more table surface.

  4. Tim, you always inspire me with your posts! I can't wait to see how this turns out. xo

  5. Thanks Lindsay! I had so much fun yesterday. Installation part 1 is done. Mow I just need to get a couple more pieces and the place is ready for reveal!

    Can't wait to show it to you all!

  6. Tim,

    Surfing the web and came across your blog...I cannot wait to see what the finish product will look like! Baby has arrived, no??

    I just visited DesignMaze as well. You have a gift!

    Would you share where you were able to purchase that incredible polka dot fabric in your picture above?? I have also been inspired by Sarah Richardson's nursery and have searched everywhere to locate it with no success. Our baby is due in August :)

    Thanks and I look forward to the pictures you will post!