Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eat + Play + Love: Easter Edition

You've had a little preview of my relaxing weekend at Collingwood and now let me share with you the remaining of my "Eat + Play + Love" weekend!

This weekend was filled with oh-so-tasty meals.

Breakfast at Ansaku has always be fantastic and their portions are big (at least to me).  So really, they provided me with both breakfast and lunch!  For Day 1, we had asparagus wrapped by cooked ham, scrambled eyes, toasts with butter, and wild leek as garnish.  For Day 2, over-easy paired with toast topped by ham, tomato, and melted cheese.

Day 3: mushroom frittata with wild leek and whole wheat toast.  Day 4: banana pancake with scrambled egg, organic bacon from local farmer, and homemade maple syrup by Ansuka!  Yes, the maple syrup were collected from the maple trees on the property!

And of course I had to get something sweet for Chris.  For this birthday/Easter weekend, I brought along these very tasty treats from Japan and of course the fool proof Easter Bunny from Lindt Chocolate.  The mini eggs were Chris' Easter gift to me.  As always, he finished most of them before I got a chance get to them.

Poppy seed cake paired with homemade espresso + baileys ... and more pastries filled with nutella!

Our dinners were also very yummy.  Dinner 1: organic burger from local farmer!  We also opened up this bottle of red I got from John (proud Dad from the girl's bedroom makeover).

Dinner 2: I decided to cook a simple Chinese dish: ground beef from local farmer on organic brown rice.  Thanks Mom for teaching me this dish when I was 6.  It never fails to impress!

Dinner 3 (a.k.a. Chris' Birthday Dinner): we made our reservation at the Flying Chestnut Kitchen.  Shawn opened up this eclectic restaurant in June 2010 and it has been the talk of the town since.  Chris always says I'm a picky eater and let me tell you, I ate everything Shawn put on my plates!

Appetizers on the house: escargots with Shawn's secret sauce + homemade butters with bread baked in wood burning oven.

Here is the menu for the evening and the "Tasting of Fish" we ordered.

Our main course: I ordered the prime rib (feature of the night) and Chris ordered the jerked breast of organic chicken.  Both extremely tasty and same goes for all the sides as well!

and how could we not order dessert?  Our dessert was picked the moment our lovely waitress mentioned "creme brulee".  It also came with a mango mousse cake.

and I have to talk about the decor at the Flying Chestnut Kitchen.  I love this place and how the pieces are mis-matched and yet work so well together!  Shawn has done "eclectic" to the teeth!

Piano for live music on Friday evening and wood burning bread oven right in the dining room!

Love the red old doors and these custom stain glass pendants ... so much character and work perfectly in the space.

Other fun pieces in the restaurant.  i.e. little blue fan on the wall, copper fire extinguisher, old vintage signs, and again,  I can't get enough of these pendants!

Also love Shawn and his vintage light on the side of the building!

Well... enough about food.  We had Chris' sister commenting on our photos that it was more like an "EATING" Weekend than an "Easter" Weekend.


We also had so much fun hiking along the Bruce Trail.  It was a 2.5 hour hike and probably one of the more challenging ones I have ever done.  It was very relaxing and also rewarding.  Afterall, we saw wild turkeys, deers, a couple of lifeless animals, and the footprint of a "bear"?

Inspired by the great photography from Scott Young, these are my attempts during the hike:

What is better to do after a long hike you ask?  Ansaku is also equipped with sauna and hot tub!

To achieve the ultimate relaxation to both body and mind, Chris and I also did yoga next to the pond.


Need I say more? We started to look a-like.

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