Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY with Style North

A couple of months ago Christopher from Style North posted an entry sharing his success story of stripping brass finishes back to shiny chrome.  I was shocked by the transformation and once again amazed by Christopher's keen eyes for great finds and ability to turn them from ugly ducklings into sought-after gems!

I also loved the clean line mid-century modern coffee table base he transformed.  So I contacted Christopher to see if he would like to walk me through the process and let me be the proud owner of this polished chrome frame.  And a couple of weeks later, I was at Christopher's home!  Here is the brass table awaiting to turn into shiny chrome.

Christopher had done some prep work ahead time: the frame had been sprayed with oven cleaner and was left outdoor overnight.

As you can see, the corrosion on the brass finish had started thanks to the oven cleaner and that made the stripping process like a breeze... well sort of.  Here are the trusty products + yours truly (and Christopher as well... taking picture at this very moment) that make all the transformation possible:

After an hour or so of my hard labour (and a few more for Christopher to polish the base after I took off), the brass duckling is now a glamorous show-stopper!

And me: the proud new owner of the polished table base!

I liked the base so much that I decided to pick up a matching one from Christopher and go through this process with him again in a couple of weeks!  If you also want to peek into Christopher's collection and even take a couple of pieces home with you, here is your chance.  Christopher and his friends will host a garage sale this coming Saturday, April 16th, at the Wychwood Gallery (601 Christie Street, 1 block south of St. Clair West).  For more information, check out the post at Style North!


  1. Tim..what an awesome transformation..I absolutely love it..and judging by the smile on your face..SO DO YOU ; ) good skills lovely x

  2. OMG, I didn't realize this could be done. That is a fantastic piece, I'm all about the chrome! Great post. Love your blog!

  3. oh I totally loved it! That's why I couldn't pass up the matching one and will be working with Chris in a couple of weeks for another transformation!

    If you are in town this Saturday, be sure to check out his garage sale!