Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY + Chef in Action: Birthday Edition

Chris and I are staying at Ansaku Bed & Breakfast in Beaver Valley this Easter weekend.  Ansaku has been our relaxation destination every time we come to the area, not to mention the sauna, the outdoor hot tub, and the hiking adventures along the Bruce Trail.  We certainly had a great time with our friends during Thanksgiving 2010.

This Easter, we came to Ansaku with no agenda but to relax and do nothing.  It's also our weekend together to post-celebrate Chris' birthday.  I will share with you about the good food we had on my next post.  For today, I want talk about our prep work before the weekend.

First off, the Chef has to bake a poppy seed cake from grandma's recipe.   You can also attempt this family's secret if you can read German.

Our ingredients include: grounded poppy seeds, sugar, flour, and cinnamon. 

 A bit more dry grapes and a few minutes of hard work... 

The dough is spread evenly on the baking sheet and poppy seed mixture is ready to go on top.

And it wouldn't be a german cake without the "Streusel" a.k.a. "crumble". 

In the oven for 30 minutes or so (or in my case, a glass of Japanese Plum wine after)...

The Poppy Seed cake is ready to be served!

Now it's my turn.  I was also busy making Chris' birthday gift and here is my inspiration from sarahandbendrix at Etsy.

I love how simple and elegant the piece looks and you can customize it in whichever way you like.  I could have ordered the piece from Sarah and Bendrix but since this is Chris' birthday gift, I decided to make it myself.  Now lets get busy:

The ribba frame from Ikea and Martha Stewart's heart shape punch (in 2 sizes) available from Michaels.

You will also need some papers.  I decided to pick two different papers and have them glued together for the hearts, and a cheerful yellow with tiny white dots as the backdrop.  All my papers came from The Paper Place.

Due to the nature of this piece (the hearts will have to be centered and lined up uniformly), my tip is to do a mock up on where the hearts will go and which ones you will customize before you actually pull out the glue gun.

To customize the hearts, I also used my letter stamps to code in our initials and Chris' birthday.

To further customize it, I also stamped "Happy Birthday" on a piece of linen and attach it with these cute mini cloth clippers.

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without birthday card.  Here is the one I picked this year (also from The Paper Place).  It totally reminded me of the Neuschewanstein Castle in Germany we visited in May 2010 and the memories of the great times we had in Germany rushed back to me.

Here is the finished product and Happy Easter everyone!

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