Friday, March 4, 2011

Waterfront Condo: Spring+Summer 2011

March is here! It's now the perfect time to decorate for Spring,  even Summer, as we hardly have enough warm summer days in Toronto!  My Spring/Summer makeover came a bit sooner this year, as I tried to dress my place for a house tour for the Steven and Chris Show!  

I was so excited when the associate producer of the show contacted me and asked if I would like to have my place featured on TV.  Of course my answer was yes: how could I pass up this fantastic opportunity and have two of my favorite designers (yes, I'd followed Steven and Chris since they were the "Designer Guys" on HGTV years ago) talking about my place?

It is only a mini makeover this time, as most of the transformation at my condo was done last year.  I'd been collecting fabrics in shades of pink since last spring as I fell in love with this floral:

With this jumping off point, I compiled these fabrics for this year's collection:

and here is how these fabrics transformed my living room:

I love the bold, vibrant colors in the space.  The different prints, patterns, and solids complement one another to create a refreshing look.  I also love my new art from a Toronto photographer, Scott Young.  I have collected a few pieces of his work over the past year and I'm very excited about his new Kaliedoscape series.

Let's have a closer look shall we:

Spring has also made its way into my dining room:

I've always arranged my own flowers but this time, I had asked Alison from Coriander Girl for some beautiful creations.  Here is one of them and I love how the arrangement echoed my new light from NYC.

The fireplace's wall has also been refreshed:

The hallway ... and I love my new bold and graphic orange runner!

Looking forward to sailing in the Summer, the bedroom has taken on a nautical theme:

Last stop is the kitchen and I love my new art from Scott:

To expand entertaining space in the kitchen, I also created a cafe bar above the stove with the Ribba frame from Ikea:

The guys and the lovely designer, Andrea Ford, will talk about my condo in studio this week and the segment will be aired on March 17th!  Be sure to watch it ... and you may just see yours truly on TV!


  1. Tim, I love the look of your condo, it's as though you live inside the pages of a magazine. The pink and green colour scheme in your living room is beyond gorgeous - LOVE!!!

  2. Tim, your light from New York makes me shiver, it's so divine. Love the fabrics and of course Scott's fab photography. I notice you have the same print in your bedroom that I purchased last year . . . great taste ;)

  3. Tim,
    I love reading your posts. I learn so much and am always inspired! I am in the process of putting together a pink/apricot fabric scheme for my little girl's room and I find it so overwhelming to figure out what fabrics should go on what. I must have 15 different fabrics swatches on my bed right now! This post was really timely for me so thank you! The pillows you put together are amazing! Is the pink polka dot from DFO? I was there on the weekend but didn't spot that one.
    Now I need to ask, what do you do with all of the pillow covers that you have made? You must have shelves lined with beautiful covers.
    Well done and congratulations on being featured on the show!

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I had so much fun putting this together this year and had finally put "PINK" in my space!

    @ Pam, well the condo doesn't always look like a photoshoot. .. I do need to live a little afterall :)

    @ Chris, I love that light too! though it was quite a pain to bring it back to Toronto, since I couldn't really bring glass objects on the plane (yes, as if i would break this beautiful light and use it as weapons on some random people). Love Scott's work as well. So it was the same blue print you got last year as well hey!

    @ Trio, glad to hear you were inspired by my spring/summer mini makeover as well. I found the trick of not getting the room to be decidedly a single colour (in this case, pink) is to throw in some other complementary colors in the mix (in my case, blue and green, and of course white always works!)

    I had so much fun putting together the pillows and Big Thank You to Wesley Seto Design to turn them from drawings to reality!

    the pink polka dot is from DFO. I got it for probably almost 2 years and didnt' know what to do with it until now!

    Wesley also asked me what do I do with all the pillows I've made so far. So I do have a nice selection of pillows from almost every color of the rainbow and I do reuse some of them over time. Lately I've had people asking me if I would sell off some of them since they like it so much!

  5. That sounds like a grand idea! A pillow sale!!

  6. Hi Tim, One of your newer followers from Australia..I absolutely love this post..such an amazing job you've done!! You have utilised every inch of space so cleverly..ever so stylishly, yet keeping it homely and awesome effort!! Anna

  7. It looks stunning! I love the colour palette you used! So many lovely little details too :)

  8. thanks anna! love Australia and will have to go visit soon. and brittany, love your blog too! thanks for visiting mine!

  9. Holy crap, your condo looks awesome! And I just about fell off my chair when I saw your dining room wallpaper - I was considering the same wallpaper for my DR! Now I'm wishing I'd been brave enough to go for it.

    Congrats on your upcoming Steven & Chris appearance - what an amazing experience for you!

  10. The color and texture of the picture pleases me to no end. Wish I live in a waterfront condominiums like this!